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Google Adwords YouTube Sponsored Video Ads Diagnostic Tool?

January 24, 2009

I have been testing YouTube sponsored video advertising since December 6th and have started to notice both differences and  similarities between the YouTube advertising program and its cousin Google Adwords.

Back in December I established my Sponsored Video campaign in the Tim Cohn YouTube account.

However to write and launch a sponsored video ad on YouTube, advertisers must have a Google Adwords account. Once my ads were up and running the sponsored video campaign data became available in both my YouTube and my Google Adwords account.

In the beginning I would login to my YouTube account to check my ads performance. However, after several days I realized it was taking twice the effort necessary.

For years I have logged in and viewed advertising account performance data for my self and clients several times a day from within “My Client Center” in Google Adwords.

I now also prefer viewing my YouTube sponsored video performance data from within My Client Center as well.

Its just a lot easier to do.

However, viewing YouTube sponsored video data with an Adwords account causes an entire list of new compatibility issues to arise.

For instance: Checking a Sponsored video ads distribution with the Adwords Ads Diagnostic Tool – doesn’t work.

The Google Adwords Ads Diagnostic Tool doesn’t even recognize YouTube as a Google property.

YouTube Adwords

YouTube Adwords

If YouTube ad data is made available within an Adwords account shouldn’t the corresponding Adwords tools work for sponsored video ads data as well?

If they were intended to -they don’t.

I think if the tools were intended to work – no one  has checked on their functionality but me.

If they weren’t intended to work – why then is YouTube Sponsored Video Ads data made available within Google Adwords advertisers accounts?

I realize the Sponsored Video Ad program is less than two months old.

Surely other YouTube advertisers are encountering some of the same post launch issues and have questions like I do.

Where is the YouTube Sponsored Video Ad forum?

Has it been created yet?

Will it be created?

Until then or informed otherwise, consider this blog post the inaugural YouTube sponsored video ad users group forum.

Feel free to leave any questions you have about YouTube Sponsored Video ads in the comments section below and between us we can work to establish the YouTube Sponsored Video ad knowledge base.