Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta

Today while logged into My Client Center in Google Adwords, I received an invite to Beta Test the Updated Adwords Interface.

Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta

Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta

I am glad they asked.

Over time, I have noticed many functionality issues throughout my Google Adwords dashboard.

I would have reported my findings some place other than here on this blog had I known who to contact or where to report my discoveries.

For example, one Adwords usability issue I discovered was the inability of My Client Center account users to dismiss Alerts from their Alert center after they were read.

Adwords has finally added a check box to dismiss some My Client Center Alerts but not all of them.

From the Adwords Updated Interface Beta:

Updated Interface Beta

Updated Interface Beta

I am looking forward to participating in the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta.

I am switching to the Updated Interface now and will share any suggestions I have for increasing Google Adwords account management usability both here on this blog and directly with the Adwords Updated Interface Beta team.

How To Switch

How To Switch

First Screen Shot of the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta:

New Adwords Interface

New Adwords Interface

Update: More about Low Share of Voice and other discoveries in the the Google Adwords Updated Interface Beta.


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