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Available Google Certification Exams

June 10, 2010

As mentioned in previous posts, I am preparing to take the new Google Certification program tests to obtain my Google Individually Qualified (GIQ) status.

In their new program, Google has cleverly transposed the status term that used to be known as “Qualified Individual” into “Individually Qualified” which in turn produced their new G – “IQ” acronym.

After spending some time inside their program since its migration to the new Google Adwords Interface, navigation to different sections within the Pro Center often seems difficult.

I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that the Google Adwords Certification Program Learning Center is on a secure site which requires logging in over and over again to get in and out of pages.

To obtain Adwords certification, individuals must pass at least two exams.

There are four exams planned while three are available to take at this time.

The available exams are the Advertising Fundamentals Exam, the Search Advertising Advanced Exam and the Reporting and Analysis Advanced Exam.

Available Google Exams

Available Google Exams

Google plans to offer the Display Advertising Advanced Exam at some point in the future.


Google Adwords Certification Program Learning Center Upgraded

May 11, 2010

With the launch of their new Certification Program, Google has also improved their Adwords Certification Program Learning Center.

There are now four exams offered within the Adwords Certification program instead of one.

The new Google Adwords exams are:

To become Individually Qualified in Google Adwords, exam takers must pass both the Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam.

There are fifteen sections of Adwords curriculum within the Adwords Certification Program Learning Center.

However, not all sections or lessons within the new AdWords Certification Program curriculum are featured on every exam. Several of the topics will appear on multiple exams, with basic questions appearing on the Fundamentals exam and more challenging questions appearing on the three Advanced Exams.

The following are the fifteen lesson sections:

1. Introduction to Google AdWords

2. AdWords Account and Campaign Basics

3. AdWords Ad Formats

4. AdWords Targeting and Placements

5. AdWords Bidding and Budgeting

6. Policies and Ad Policy Topics

7. AdWords Billing and Payments

8. Display Advertising on the Google Content Network

9. Display Advertising on YouTube

10. AdWords Tools

11. Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking

12. Google Analytics

13. Optimizing Performance

14. Managing Multiple Accounts

15. Selling and Representing AdWords

I am reviewing these materials now to prepare to take the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam and one of their advanced level exams to renew my Individually Qualified Adwords Professional status for the third time.