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February 2009 WordPress Blog Traffic Stats

March 1, 2009

This blog: Search Marketing Communications generated its seventh highest month in terms of traffic during Febraury 2009 with 6.059 views.

Previously, this WordPress blog’s highest trafficked month was September 2008 with 22,897 views.

Approximately 27% as many views occurred during February 2009 as compared with September 2008.

Why the drop in traffic?

Because I switched this blog from a domain to my own private domain on January 28th and it has yet to get crawled and re-indexed in Google under my new domain name.

The vast majority of traffic this blog received in February 2009 came via search engines to posts written several months ago. Not a single one of my posts from February received any search engine referrals.

WordPress says it could take as long as six months for this simple change to recognized and acted on by Google.

If you are considering switching your WordPress blog to your own domain, you might think twice if you are looking to get search referrals anytime soon after the switch.

By the end of February 2009, had been viewed 119,422 times since its launch in September 2006.

In its first month of existence this blog had 1,593 total views.

February 2009 traffic was approximately 4 times greater than September 2006 traffic.

Few people subscribe to this blog, thus the vast majority (an estimated 99% or greater) found this blog through some type of search query, which is why this blog is titled:

“Search Marketing Communications”

Search Traffic February 2009

Search Traffic February 2009

Third Largest Month Blog Search Traffic: 10,154 Views

February 2009 Total Blog Traffic

February 2009 Total Blog Traffic

Total Search Traffic February 2009


Microsoft adCenter: No Cost Per Conversion Data

September 15, 2008

Is there a particular reason why the Microsoft adCenter doesn’t provide a cost per conversion column for its advertisers?

Microsoft adCenter Cost Per Conversion

Microsoft adCenter Cost Per Conversion

The Microsoft adCenter dashboard displays ad group name, ad group start date, ad group end date, status, spend, impressions, clicks, ctr %, average position, conversions, average cpc and negative keywords.

adCenter data does show number of conversions – just not their cost. This unnecessarily creates an extra level of interpretation and work for advertisers.


If an advertiser wants to manage and understand their advertising campaign’s effectiveness through cost per conversion data – Microsoft through its omission of this metric – leaves advertisers to make their own calculations… or not.

Is this a lack of transparency in Microsoft’s adCenter?

If it is, Microsoft’s not providing its advertisers with acquisition cost data makes calculating their return on investment more difficult.

Both Google and Yahoo supply this type of data.

Surely this is just an oversight on Microsoft’s part.

If it is an oversight, adding cost per conversion data in the Microsoft adCenter dashboard would help Microsoft’s advertisers understand more about their campaigns acquisition costs and in turn their return on investment from advertising with Microsoft.

Surely providing this data in column form would be in the best interest of both Microsoft and its advertisers.