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Alternative Methods For Verifying Google Places Bulk Upload Requests

January 18, 2011

If you are a third party agent attempting to verify a Google Places bulk upload request you may find your initial request rejected.

Google Places Bulk Upload Verification Part II

Google Places Bulk Upload Verification Part II

If so, Google Places offers two alternative methods for submitting and verifying a bulk upload request.

The two methods are:

1. Create a new Google Places account using an email address from your company’s website domain. For example, if we created an account for Google, we’d use an email address as the account’s email address. From there, upload the data file and request verification again using this new account. These requests will be resolved quickly.

2. Respond to this email and carbon copy (CC) a person who has an email address with a business domain. So again, if we were uploading listings for Google, we’d CC someone with an email address. Then, this person should reply all and give written permission for Google to verify the account. The response can be as simple as “Please verify the listings in the Google Places account,” We’d like to emphasize that, while we’ll accept this form of verification, using generic email addresses isn’t recommended, and we recommend the usage of a corporate domain email for account management.

While Google’s need for an email from an account holder’s corporate domain address to verify a Google Places bulk upload request sounds logical, it doesn’t take into consideration the fact that this particular request came from the corporate Google account of the company associated with their Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts!

Additionally, the corporate contact name and phone number was listed on the original upload request.

No matter…

Here is the conclusion of their email response:

Once you’ve done this, we’ll process your request and follow up with a confirmation email. If you don’t follow either of the two actions above, we’ll assume you aren’t authorized to upload the listings and won’t verify the account.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Google Team

Based on this email, it appears to me Google assumes that any bulk Places upload request that comes from any email address  other than that of the corporate domain – even an otherwise authenticated Gmail account – is illegitimate.