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Google Places Dashboard: Google Tags Activity Report

January 9, 2011

Having been online since 1999 with the same website apparently has some advantages in Google’s local search algorithm.

Otherwise, I don’t know how else my lowly marketing site could appear first out of 2,850 results in Google’s list of local businesses under a (signed out) Places search for “marketing” here in my city.

Google Places Listing

Google Places Listing

This first Google Places listing surely has contributed to greater visibility of my business in Google local searches than not which in turn has also apparently brought with it news of my first “Google Tags action”!

Google Tags Activity

Google Tags Activity


My Google Tags offer has generated a single expansion of the Tag on the map.

Unfortunately, the tag and its accompanying offer weren’t compelling enough to generate a click to my tag link as well.

Since Google Tags activity reports appear to trail the calendar date by several days, my Google Tags offer could have actually received more traffic since first activating my Tags listing.

While the expansions of my Google Tags offer and clicks to the Tags link are exciting, my being able to report a quantifiable customer acquisition as a result of having utilized Google Tags would be even better.

1, 2, 3… beginning to hold breath now.

Google Places Dashboard

December 3, 2010

After a year or longer absence, my Google Places Dashboard has finally reappeared and with data!

Google Places Dashboard Live

Google Places Dashboard Live

While all of the above data can be found in the minutia of my site’s Google Analytics account, the Google Places Dashboard provides a quick overview of local search demand for my business in one convenient location.

Quite frankly, I was surprised to learn Google sent any clicks to my website at all.