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Social Media’s Return on Investment?

June 17, 2009

I was fishing in the Tweet stream yesterday when I caught the following job posting for a social media coordinator.

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

Several attributes of this job description struck me as odd if not misinformed.

The job description sounds more like a wish list composed by someone in Human Resources rather than by someone who actually knew what they were requesting.

The idea that the future Social Media Coordinator position holder has to report to the “Manager – Interactive Projects” runs counter to the list of skills the job description requires.

Any individual who has experience performing the following “social media” laundry list of tasks   including the non-social media related disciplines of search engine optimization and web analytics while generating a return on investment would by definition already be a Manager – Interactive Projects – if not considerably more.

Responsibilities of the position will include the support of Interactive initiatives regarding online Social Media (SM), web analytics/research, news distribution and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   In addition, responsibilities of this role will include:

·         Strategy, planning and direction to content managers and maintenance of Social Media initiatives including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube and others

·         Educating consultants regarding new technology and the Social Media environment

·         Utilizing technology to research and measure company Social Media status and ROI

·         Interaction with corporate and regional company representatives to promote news and activities of the company

·         Management of all company related Social Media registrations

·         Providing regular reports of web site traffic analytics

·         Interaction with company Studio Team to manage and promote a variety of news and activity videos/broadcasts

The position’s “Utilizing technology to research and measure company Social Media status and ROI” requirement indirectly poses a valid question yet one few if any company’s understand or can let alone quantify – “What is the Return on Investment in Social Media?”

Any search engine marketer or SEO worth their salt can answer the Return on Investment question, I doubt a majority of the new breed of social media marketers can.


Free Google Adwords and Google Analytics Webinars

April 18, 2009

Google has several free webinars for search engine marketers coming up later this month through early June.

Conversion Optimiser
Learn how to get more conversions for Google AdWords campaigns at a lower cost using Google’s free CPA bidding tool.

29th April 3pm (GMT)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics I:

Getting started and tracking conversions.
An introduction into Google Analytics and how you can use it to help your online business.

6th May 3pm (GMT)

Google Analytics II

Managing your Google Analytics account set up for best results.
Advanced implementation issues for complex websites, such as third party shopping carts and sub-domains.

13th May 3pm (GMT)

Google Analytics III

Report navigation and analysis of Google AdWords data. Understanding reports and how to use them to identify areas of development for your AdWords account.

20th May 3pm (GMT)

Website Optimiser
An introduction to Google Website Optimiser and how to launch your first test to improve the performance of your website.

3rd June 3pm (GMT)

Sign for Google’s free webinars here.