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Google Nexus One: Broadcast Live From Your iPhone

January 5, 2010

The uStream broadcast of Google’s Nexus One launch today featured a banner ad for using the iPhone.

Could this be an omen for any mobile hardware provider looking to crack the iPhone’s grip on the smart phone market?

Broadcast Live From Your iPhone

Broadcast Live From Your iPhone


AT&T’s iPhone Real Time Public Relations Nightmare

December 27, 2009

AT&T has reportedly stopped selling iPhones in New York to limit the smart phones bandwidth consumption on their network.

ATT iPhone 3G

ATT iPhone 3G

Being Sunday night in between major holidays, its unlikely AT&T – a large and sluggish corporate behemoth – is aware what’s happening to their  brand’s reputation in Google’s real time search – let alone

ATT + iPhone

ATT + iPhone

what’s being Tweeted in the Twitterverse.

AT&T Twitter Search

AT&T Twitter Search

Yahoo Sponsored Search Ads Now Reach iPhones and Androids

October 1, 2009

The Yahoo Search Marketing blog has announced Yahoo sponsored search ads now reach the mobile audience.

From the Yahoo search team:

You’ve probably noticed that for a lot of consumers, surfing the Web increasingly doesn’t depend upon the PC. That’s why, as of today, we’ve tweaked our Yahoo! Sponsored Search system to serve your ads to iPhone (all models, including iTouch) and Android mobile phones.

The coolest part is you don’t have to do anything to expand the reach of your ads. We’ve done it for you. As of today, your ads should begin appearing immediately on these devices for relevant searches, if they have not already.

With this tweak, standard Sponsored Search ads (40-character header, 70-character description, the host URL—you know the drill) will appear on these mobile devices, giving your ads wider appeal and more relevancy to people on the go—potential customers searching for your offerings, whether you’re offering dry cleaning or a dry martini.

Yahoo advertisers will be able to target the mobile audience exclusively with Yahoo Mobile Sponsored Search when it become available.

Yahoo Mobile Sponsored Search Registration

Yahoo Mobile Sponsored Search Registration

Use Google Sync to Get Gmail Messages on iPhones

September 22, 2009

Earlier this year, the Google Mobile team launched Google Sync which allows users to synchronize their Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar with their iPhone, Windows Mobile, and S60 devices.

Today, Google Mobile added Gmail support to Google Sync for iPhone, iPod Touch and Windows Mobile devices.

Google Sync Gmail Support

Google Sync Gmail Support

From the Google Mobile blog:

Using Google Sync, you can now get your Gmail messages pushed directly to your phone. Having an over-the-air, always-on connection means that your inbox is up to date, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Sync works with your phone’s native email application so there’s no additional software needed. Only interested in syncing your Gmail, but not your Calendar? Google Sync allows you to sync just your Contacts, Calendar, or Gmail, or any combination of the three.

A quick overview of Google Sync:

iPhone App Store: 500 Million Downloads

January 17, 2009

The iPhone App Store and its more than 15,000 apps has announced 500 Million iPhone App downloads to date.

Apple App Store 500 Million Downloads

Apple App Store 500 Million Downloads

Targeting iPhone Users with Google Adwords

October 9, 2008

Adweek reports Google has had discussions with ad agencies regarding advertisers targeting their ads to iPhone users specifically via Google Adwords.

While in Utah yesterday, my fly fishing guide Justin Harding and I noticed when using Google search from his iPhone Google Adwords advertising was sparse.

Initially, I thought it was because of the type of search we had ran.

However, after further investigative searches under highly competitive and advertised keywords, we weren’t ever able to see Adwords sponsored links on the right rail – only above the first search result.

Can a iPhone Google search display more than two Adwords advertisers ads as is now?

We weren’t able to generate any.

How is Google parsing iPhone search ads results for display? If they are, is Google distributing advertising to the iPhone with the same formula they use for displaying search results elsewhere?

Are iPhone screen real estate limitations the reason why we could only get two ads?

Even when we rotated the search results screen for horizontal viewing – under a Google search term that would typically have had up to ten sponsored links ( both above the search results and running down the right rail ) we were only able to generate two Adwords advertisers ads.

Will Google Adwords advertisers soon be able to select “iPhone” as a search distribution option along with “Google Search” and “Search Partners” within their campaigns Networks and bidding settings?

With 10 million iPhones in use and Apple’s iPhone supplying Google with its largest source of mobile search traffic, adding iPhone distribution to Google advertising campaigns will give Google Adwords advertisers another way to target and reach an increasingly mobile search audience.

Google Network Options

Google Network Options