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Gmail Video Conferencing Coming to Chat

November 11, 2008

Video conferencing from within gmail chat is being rolled out globally over the next several days according to the Official Google blog.

Here is video on YouTube describing how the gmail video chat service from Google works.

It has yet to appear here in my gmail account.

I use Apple’s iChat video conferencing application on my MacBook Pro to video conference with my family while away from home.

It will be interesting to learn how Google’s video chat compares with iChat.


Targeting iPhone Users with Google Adwords

October 9, 2008

Adweek reports Google has had discussions with ad agencies regarding advertisers targeting their ads to iPhone users specifically via Google Adwords.

While in Utah yesterday, my fly fishing guide Justin Harding and I noticed when using Google search from his iPhone Google Adwords advertising was sparse.

Initially, I thought it was because of the type of search we had ran.

However, after further investigative searches under highly competitive and advertised keywords, we weren’t ever able to see Adwords sponsored links on the right rail – only above the first search result.

Can a iPhone Google search display more than two Adwords advertisers ads as is now?

We weren’t able to generate any.

How is Google parsing iPhone search ads results for display? If they are, is Google distributing advertising to the iPhone with the same formula they use for displaying search results elsewhere?

Are iPhone screen real estate limitations the reason why we could only get two ads?

Even when we rotated the search results screen for horizontal viewing – under a Google search term that would typically have had up to ten sponsored links ( both above the search results and running down the right rail ) we were only able to generate two Adwords advertisers ads.

Will Google Adwords advertisers soon be able to select “iPhone” as a search distribution option along with “Google Search” and “Search Partners” within their campaigns Networks and bidding settings?

With 10 million iPhones in use and Apple’s iPhone supplying Google with its largest source of mobile search traffic, adding iPhone distribution to Google advertising campaigns will give Google Adwords advertisers another way to target and reach an increasingly mobile search audience.

Google Network Options

Google Network Options

Apple Concierge Down

September 30, 2008

So much for trying to book an in store appointment online through Apple’s website.

Apple Concierge Down

Apple Concierge Down

I have been trying to schedule a time to take my MacBook Pro in to get its battery replaced for twenty minutes.

This is my second Mac laptop to need a replacement battery.

Apparently, when Apple bench tests their Mac laptops they don’t run them everyday all day for several months.

If they did, they too would learn their laptop batteries begin to warp and eventually “outgrow” their slot under the laptop rendering the laptop a desktop because it then requires an AC power connection to function.

I guess I should take a picture of it and post it here which I will have to do later because…

Apple’s technical support guy just hung up on me after he confirmed “Apple’s online concierge” wasn’t working on his end either.

I wasn’t willing to dial the local store directly because every time I have called the local Apple Store I have gotten an endless voice messaging tree which never resulted in a human connection.

To their credit, Apple’s technical representative offered me a special telephone number to reach my local Apple Store and a person who could help me schedule an appointment.

However, when I asked why Apple didn’t just publish the telephone number that reached store personnel on their website instead of my having to call to get the special telephone number – he hung up.

Update: 12:59 PM same day:

Apple’s Concierge site came back up after my call to tech support.

I booked an appointment online to get tech help from the local Genius Bar at 12:00.

I arrived at the store and checked in.

My name was called. I then met with the tech help and explained my battery problem.

The Apple tech helper said they had a few problems with some MacBook Pro batteries. He then said a replacement battery would be provided at no cost.

He installed the battery, I signed a work order and then packed up my Mac.

I was in and out of the Apple store in about fifteen minutes.

I don’t know what PC owners have to go through to get their machines repaired but I am sure its not half as quick or painless as getting an Apple computer repaired.

I’m still glad I am not a PC owner.