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Make Calls From Gmail But Not Google Voice?

August 31, 2010

Google recently enabled telephone calling from within gmail accounts.

I have already placed several telephone calls and appreciate the convenience of making calls while I am in my gmail account.

Dialing phone numbers in gmail is as simple as typing an email – just type in the phone number and click call.

Gmail Phone

Gmail Phone

While placing calls from gmail, I discovered their service automatically syncs with a Google Voice number that uses the same Google account login.

Google Voice Account

Google Voice Account

How do I know?

Calls placed from gmail with an attached Google Voice account push the Google Voice number through the network with its ANI.

Simply put – calls made from a gmail enabled Google Voice account shows the Google Voice number in the call receiver’s Caller ID.

Pretty cool.

While there are surely millions more gmail users than there are Google Voice users, Google Voice accounts inexplicably don’t offer the same calling functions from Google Voice accounts.

Why not?

Seems like Google Voice would be the natural location for Google’s phone services.

Will Google eventually push its phone dialing keypads into Google Voice accounts?

I can’t wait to hear Google’s answer.


When Can I Access Google Voice From My Gmail Account?

September 7, 2009

I have had my Google Voice account for nearly two months now and I am impressed by its functionality and features.

Welcome To Google Voice

Welcome To Google Voice

However, my Google Voice account would be much more useful if I could access it from my Gmail account as well.

Gmail UI

Gmail UI

Web Search From Within Gmail

May 8, 2009

Searching the web while in Gmail up until now has required launching another browser window or leaving Gmail altogether.

Adam and Drew from Gmail Labs have solved this problem by making Google search available from within Gmail accounts.

Enable Google Search in Gmail

Enable Google Search in Gmail

About Google Search from Gmail Labs:

Displays Google search results inside your mail window, letting you quickly find things and use them when you’re writing an email.

Google Web Search in Gmail Browser

Google Web Search in Gmail Browser

With the addition of Google Search to Gmail, Gmail Labs continues to make Gmail an indispensable web mail app.

View Powerpoint and Tiffs in Gmail

April 24, 2009

The Google Apps blog has announced Flash plugins are no longer required to view .ppt or .tiff files in Gmail accounts.

From the Google Apps blog post:

Gmail Editions included:
Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner Editions

Languages included:
All languages supported by Gmail

How to access what’s new:
When you click ‘View’ for a .tiff or .ppt attachment in Gmail, it will open directly in your browser for easy viewing.

By making Powerpoint files and Tiff images viewable in Google Docs, fewer applications and keystrokes are needed to view desktop data.

Gmail Powerpoint View in Google Docs

Gmail Powerpoint View in Google Docs

Google Holiday Shopping Ads in March?

March 11, 2009

Today while in my Gmaill account I spotted an Adwords ad from Google for its holiday shopping products.

The Google Ad reads:

Tip from Google: Check out this seasons top gifts and save with exclusive discounts.

Gmail Tips from Google Adwords Ad Holiday Shopping

Gmail Tips from Google Adwords Ad Holiday Shopping

Apparently whoever was in charge of running this particular ad campaign for Google forgot to shut it down after the holiday shopping season ended – 60+ days ago.

Curious Gmail account holders who see this particular ad like I did will find the ad’s broken link routes them to a non-existent Google search results page.

Google Holiday Shopping Page

Google Holiday Shopping Page

As a rule, Google eventually finds ads with broken links and suspends the ad until the advertiser can fix or replace the faulty link.

I guess this hasn’t yet happened with this particular Google ad.

Google Innovations

February 28, 2009

David Pogue with The New York Times recently created a list of  innovations Google has produced or bought in its relatively short corporate history.

His list consists of Google products most any consumer who has been online in the last year would recognize including Google Earth, Gmail, YouTube and Blogger.

Some of the lesser known Google products and tools mentioned in Pogue’s New York Times article are: Google Docs, Picassa, iGoogle, Google Reader, Google Trends, Google Maps, Street View, Translator, 1-800-Goog411, Google SMS, Google Alerts and Google Sets.

Although the article begins by mentioning Google’s search box, Pogue doesn’t mention the greatest commercial result to come from Google’s search box by name: Google Adwords – arguably without which – none of Google’s other products would exist.

Maybe therein lies the keys to Google’s success.

Gmail Video Conferencing Coming to Chat

November 11, 2008

Video conferencing from within gmail chat is being rolled out globally over the next several days according to the Official Google blog.

Here is video on YouTube describing how the gmail video chat service from Google works.

It has yet to appear here in my gmail account.

I use Apple’s iChat video conferencing application on my MacBook Pro to video conference with my family while away from home.

It will be interesting to learn how Google’s video chat compares with iChat.