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Make Calls From Gmail But Not Google Voice?

August 31, 2010

Google recently enabled telephone calling from within gmail accounts.

I have already placed several telephone calls and appreciate the convenience of making calls while I am in my gmail account.

Dialing phone numbers in gmail is as simple as typing an email – just type in the phone number and click call.

Gmail Phone

Gmail Phone

While placing calls from gmail, I discovered their service automatically syncs with a Google Voice number that uses the same Google account login.

Google Voice Account

Google Voice Account

How do I know?

Calls placed from gmail with an attached Google Voice account push the Google Voice number through the network with its ANI.

Simply put – calls made from a gmail enabled Google Voice account shows the Google Voice number in the call receiver’s Caller ID.

Pretty cool.

While there are surely millions more gmail users than there are Google Voice users, Google Voice accounts inexplicably don’t offer the same calling functions from Google Voice accounts.

Why not?

Seems like Google Voice would be the natural location for Google’s phone services.

Will Google eventually push its phone dialing keypads into Google Voice accounts?

I can’t wait to hear Google’s answer.