Yahoo Sponsored Search Ads Now Reach iPhones and Androids

The Yahoo Search Marketing blog has announced Yahoo sponsored search ads now reach the mobile audience.

From the Yahoo search team:

You’ve probably noticed that for a lot of consumers, surfing the Web increasingly doesn’t depend upon the PC. That’s why, as of today, we’ve tweaked our Yahoo! Sponsored Search system to serve your ads to iPhone (all models, including iTouch) and Android mobile phones.

The coolest part is you don’t have to do anything to expand the reach of your ads. We’ve done it for you. As of today, your ads should begin appearing immediately on these devices for relevant searches, if they have not already.

With this tweak, standard Sponsored Search ads (40-character header, 70-character description, the host URL—you know the drill) will appear on these mobile devices, giving your ads wider appeal and more relevancy to people on the go—potential customers searching for your offerings, whether you’re offering dry cleaning or a dry martini.

Yahoo advertisers will be able to target the mobile audience exclusively with Yahoo Mobile Sponsored Search when it become available.

Yahoo Mobile Sponsored Search Registration

Yahoo Mobile Sponsored Search Registration


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