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Share of Advertising Spend by Media

May 14, 2008



Nielsen Online, AdAcross
Month of February 2008

* Internet spending estimates are from AdRelevance. All others from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Different methodologies employed by each company may lead to disproportionate comparisons.

Ad Spending by Medium
Medium Share of Spending
Network Television 25.5%
Cable Television 21.7%
Local Television 16.0%
National Magazines 12.4%
Internet 7.3%
Local Newspapers 4.9%
Syndicated Television 3.0%
Hispanic Television 2.8%
Local Radio 2.4%
Outdoor 1.4%
National Newspapers 1.1%
National Sunday Supplement 0.8%
Network Radio 0.5%
Coupon 0.2%
Local Magazines 0.1%
Local Sunday Supplement 0.0%