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2009 Ad Spending Forecast and Media Attention Deficit (MAD)

October 14, 2008

Predicted growth in advertising spend per media for 2009 from Wachovia via the Wall Street Journal:

Growth of total U.S. advertising -0.8%

Internet +10%

Yellow Pages +6.3%

Cable TV +4.0%

Billboards +3.0%

Magazines -2.0%

Broadcast TV – 2.7%

Cable -4.0%

Radio -4.8%

Newspapers -9.8%

Don’t these ad growth – or lack thereof – predictions represent each specific media’s ability to reach, target and hold its audience’s attention?

When the overall economy contracts, aren’t general media those who first experience a contraction in their audience’s attention?

When media loses it’s ability to hold its audience’s attention doesn’t it soon thereafter lose advertiser support as well?


Share of Advertising Spend by Media

May 14, 2008



Nielsen Online, AdAcross
Month of February 2008

* Internet spending estimates are from AdRelevance. All others from Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Different methodologies employed by each company may lead to disproportionate comparisons.

Ad Spending by Medium
Medium Share of Spending
Network Television 25.5%
Cable Television 21.7%
Local Television 16.0%
National Magazines 12.4%
Internet 7.3%
Local Newspapers 4.9%
Syndicated Television 3.0%
Hispanic Television 2.8%
Local Radio 2.4%
Outdoor 1.4%
National Newspapers 1.1%
National Sunday Supplement 0.8%
Network Radio 0.5%
Coupon 0.2%
Local Magazines 0.1%
Local Sunday Supplement 0.0%