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Google Adwords Service Icons

November 12, 2009

Google Adwords has added service icons for use with Google Adwords connected to Local Business Center accounts.

Local Business Center Ads

Local Business Center Ads

Seventeen service icons are available for use including a “No category specified” icon.

The following sixteen business categories have service icons available for use with Google Adwords campaigns combined with Google Local Business center listings:

Movies, film, video
Bar, pub, liquor
Restaurant, dining
Café, coffee shop
Flowers, garden
Car dealer, rental, service
Grocery, department store
Shopping, boutique
Homewares, home repair, real estate
Phones, service providers
Bank, finance, currency exchange
Bank, finance, currency exchange (UK)
Hardware, repair
Hairdresser, barber, tailor
Bank, finance, currency exchange (Eur)

Are Google’s reasons for choosing these particular local categories governed by the same reasons they make most if not all of their other business decisions – data?

Google Adwords Icons

Google Adwords Icons

If so, then marketers this list of sixteen business types and their icons are the most searched for competitive local search marketing categories in Google at this particular time.

Google Service Icons

Google Service Icons

If these types of service listings  are indeed the most searched local cateogies, what can we expect to see next from Google?

Google Business Channel on YouTube

October 27, 2008

For videos, presentations and webinars about Google’s business products and advertising solutions visit the Google Business Channel on YouTube.

Google Business Channel

Google Business Channel

There are presently 55 videos posted on the Google Business Channel.

Each video was created to address common questions marketers and advertisers have about Google’s marketing and advertising products.

Free Marketing Offer

June 26, 2007

Free has been declared one of the most powerful words in a marketers’ arsenal.

Whether or not to use “free” or not in your marketing communications is often debated.

Although I haven’t tested it yet, I believe a business could offer free dead cats and get a 1% response rate.

I received the following free website marketing analysis from a gentlemen in Sri Lanka this morning.

I would be happy to fulfill his request.

However in order to provide him with a marketing analysis of his web site, he must first have one!

Submitted on Tuesday 6/26/2007 7:58:48 AM
(Free Website Marketability Analysis Request)

Free Website Marketability Analysis Request from:

Company name: jagoda
Contact: 94773295264
Email Address:
Phone Number: 94773295264
Address: 34/1 mowbray lane , modara
City: colombo 15
State: colombo
Postal Code: 00000
Country: sri lanka
Website Address: no

Direct Marketing Google Map Mashups

September 13, 2006

Google global search traffic patterns over a twenty four hour period.

Here are three of my favorite resources for making your own Google maps.

Google Maps Mania

Map Builder – build your own maps.

Huge Maps Mapping Programs – great for marketers – types of maps include:

Zip Code Boundaries Maps
Town and City Boundaries Maps
County Boundaries Maps
Core Based Statistical Area Maps
Reverse Geocoding – converts a latitude and longitude coordinate into an address

Geocoding – address conversion into lat and long coordinates