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Free Marketing Offer

June 26, 2007

Free has been declared one of the most powerful words in a marketers’ arsenal.

Whether or not to use “free” or not in your marketing communications is often debated.

Although I haven’t tested it yet, I believe a business could offer free dead cats and get a 1% response rate.

I received the following free website marketing analysis from a gentlemen in Sri Lanka this morning.

I would be happy to fulfill his request.

However in order to provide him with a marketing analysis of his web site, he must first have one!

Submitted on Tuesday 6/26/2007 7:58:48 AM
(Free Website Marketability Analysis Request)

Free Website Marketability Analysis Request from:

Company name: jagoda
Contact: 94773295264
Email Address:
Phone Number: 94773295264
Address: 34/1 mowbray lane , modara
City: colombo 15
State: colombo
Postal Code: 00000
Country: sri lanka
Website Address: no