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January 18, 2008 has released their December 2006 – December 2007 list of websites their data shows have had the greatest percentage change in monthly visits.

The niche socialization and peer centric categories continue to increase their penetration and share of the internet audience.

Who would have guessed “user generated adult video content” sites like  R e d T u b e  and Y o u P o r n would top their list?

It will be interesting to see – what if any – new website categories appear and break out over the course of 2008.

Or will social, peer and user generated content websites continue to command the market’s attention?

The Winners are:

R e d t u b e. c o m


January 17, 2008

Over the past several months I have received telemarketing calls from

Each call has come after hours with the caller leaving the following voice mail message:

“Calling to let you know that after searching Google, a satisfied customer found your website on and gave you a positive rating for being a good local business. To see your rating, go to and enter your business telephone number into the blue box. Again, that’s”

Although flattered, I am highly certain after having visited their website after each voice mail – no such thing occurred.

To Merchant Circle’s credit, using an auto dialer to drum up local advertising business is somewhat innovative but in my particular case whom does think they are kidding?

Free Marketing Offer

June 26, 2007

Free has been declared one of the most powerful words in a marketers’ arsenal.

Whether or not to use “free” or not in your marketing communications is often debated.

Although I haven’t tested it yet, I believe a business could offer free dead cats and get a 1% response rate.

I received the following free website marketing analysis from a gentlemen in Sri Lanka this morning.

I would be happy to fulfill his request.

However in order to provide him with a marketing analysis of his web site, he must first have one!

Submitted on Tuesday 6/26/2007 7:58:48 AM
(Free Website Marketability Analysis Request)

Free Website Marketability Analysis Request from:

Company name: jagoda
Contact: 94773295264
Email Address:
Phone Number: 94773295264
Address: 34/1 mowbray lane , modara
City: colombo 15
State: colombo
Postal Code: 00000
Country: sri lanka
Website Address: no

Advertiser Know Thy Prospects

November 10, 2006

The following is my reply to a recent media consultant question.

Q: “I’m a media consultant, and buyer. My clients serve the pet industry. Several of my clients are interested in the recent explosion of the (web based magazines catering to niches/target audiences) like Daily Candy and Bowzer. They want to advertise in ezines instead of other less direct methods. I am curious about buying advertising in this medium, as it seems so direct and specific. Do you think the ezine is a media fad, or is it only going to get bigger?”

A: Regardless of the medium, advertisers must have a clear idea who their prospects are before they spend any money to reach them.

If an advertiser expects to acquire new customers profitably they should expect their advertising dollars to produce a measurable return on investment. What business can afford to do otherwise?

Any price paid for advertising failure is too high.

Most advertising is sold on a cost per thousand (CPM) people reached basis. Of the thousand people reached, there are both active (prospects) and inactive audience members. Inactive audience members are the remaining people who aren’t in the market for the product or service being advertised (often as many as one thousand).

If you can’t reach active prospects directly through a traditional cost per thousand advertising model, it is likely your prospects aren’t being reached and served by traditional media at which point ezines may become an attractive option.

To qualify potential ezines for your advertising investment, ask the following questions.

There are two types of ezine – email or those posted on websites.

Ask the media representative if they have any of the following data:

Email ezine:

How they acquired their list

Geographic data and targeting
Age & Gender
Education levels
Lifestyle information
List size
Average open rate
Average bounce rate
List hygiene protocols
Third party or other form of circulation verification
Repeat advertisers

Web post ezine:

Traffic sources and ratios
Unique visitors to advertisement
Average session length
Average page views per session
Geographic distribution
Age & Gender
Lifestyle information
Alexa rank
Any site statistical data
Repeat advertisers

After your client has verified the media’s claims regarding their audience size, makeup and location determine your client’s potential conversion ratio per thousand audience members reached.

If the worst case cost per thousand reached doesn’t produce an acceptable return on their advertising investment consider using your audience profile information to reach prospects directly through targeted advertising like Google Adwords.

Instead of the traditional media model measurement of cost per thousand audience members Google Adwords lets you reach prospects on a cost per person basis.

To justify either form of advertising, determine how many active audience members (prospects) you will need to reach and convert into customers then compare those figures with how many inactive audience members you can afford to reach and not convert (if any) into customers before making an advertising investment decision.

An active audience of one more is worth exponentially more than an inactive audience of a thousand.