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Google Campfire

April 7, 2009

Pretty cool video chat stream from qik via Tech Crunch.

Google Campfire

Google Campfire

At this moment there are 329 people viewing and chatting about Google Campfire.

Its almost like being there – in person.

50,000 applications have been developed on Google App Engine since launch… and Google Moderator are two examples of Google App Engine uses.

Advertisement The Winners and Losers

January 18, 2008 has released their December 2006 – December 2007 list of websites their data shows have had the greatest percentage change in monthly visits.

The niche socialization and peer centric categories continue to increase their penetration and share of the internet audience.

Who would have guessed “user generated adult video content” sites like  R e d T u b e  and Y o u P o r n would top their list?

It will be interesting to see – what if any – new website categories appear and break out over the course of 2008.

Or will social, peer and user generated content websites continue to command the market’s attention?

The Winners are:

R e d t u b e. c o m