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Twitter Real Time Warp Search?

April 14, 2009

Although real time search is one of the many heralded utilities of Twitter, it seems the average consumer’s attention isn’t quite as focused in the present as Twitter’s search results are – at least at this particular moment in time.

According to Twitter’s trending topics: Easter is the most popular topic of conversation in the Twitterverse – this Tuesday two days after Easter Sunday.

Real Time Warp Search

Real Time Warp Search

If this trending topic result doesn’t illustrate the value of reaching Twitter’s audience, I don’t know what will.

Advertisement Down For Unscheduled Maintenace

April 6, 2009

After much rumbling in the Twittersphere today about lost avatars and fail whales – Twitter has decided to get things caught up.

Twitter Down

Twitter Down

Although I can’t grab their tweet now, someone in my Tweet stream mentioned Twitter uses Amazon servers for service.

Could Amazon be having troubles keeping up with Twitters’ growth?

Twitter Audience Segmentation and Real Time Inline Search

April 2, 2009

Twitter has begun testing real time inline search within some Twitter accounts.

From the Twitter blog:

Currently, a small subset of Twitter users are trying this new search feature in the sidebar of their Twitter home page. When you do a search, you don’t go to another page, the relevant tweets instantly show up where you’d expect them to—right on your home page where tweets love to be.

I have the new Twitter search box in my account and find its inline search results much more convenient and practical.

Twitter Real Time Inline Search

Twitter Real Time Inline Search

As Twitter accummulates user search data,  they will be able to parse the Twitter audience into segments which is a requisite for monetizing their ever increasing traffic.

Twitter Audience Segmentation

Twitter Audience Segmentation

March 2009 Twitter Traffic Prediction

March 31, 2009

In the not too distant future, comScore will release its traffic stats for a variety of different web categories and properties for March 2009.

One web property’s traffic many observers will be following closely is

According to comScore during the month of February 2009, had 9.8 million unique visitors while Facebook had 275.6 million unique visitors and Myspace had 123.5 million unique visitors worldwide.

Based on my research, I am going to predict will have twice its February 2009 traffic in March 2009 – 19.6 million unique visitors. Twitter Audience and Twitterer Segmentation

March 27, 2009

Organizing the Twitter audience will prove key for Twitter and its users to monetize their Tweets. segments the Twitter Audience albeit through manual searches. is a pretty cool tool.

Search for Twitter users by the frequency of Tweets containing your market related keywords to identify and follow potential leaders in your industry’s niche.

The following Tweet Trail search produces the top twenty Twitter users whose Tweets contained Adwords.

Top 20 Adwords Tweeters

Top 20 Adwords Tweeters

I am not sure how far back mines Tweet data for keywords.

Recently I have noticed Twitter has begun reducing the amount of search history available for some search terms.

I would guess Tweet Trails keyword histories are also constrained by the same parameters Twitter now imposes on Twitter search.