March 2009 Twitter Traffic Prediction

In the not too distant future, comScore will release its traffic stats for a variety of different web categories and properties for March 2009.

One web property’s traffic many observers will be following closely is

According to comScore during the month of February 2009, had 9.8 million unique visitors while Facebook had 275.6 million unique visitors and Myspace had 123.5 million unique visitors worldwide.

Based on my research, I am going to predict will have twice its February 2009 traffic in March 2009 – 19.6 million unique visitors.


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2 Responses to “March 2009 Twitter Traffic Prediction”

  1. M.H Says:

    I am sure you are right, I think Twitter will have easily doubled the traffic if not tripled it since February. There is hardly a day when I don’t hear some media outlet talking about Twitter.

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