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Embedding Tweets In WordPress Blogs

November 5, 2010

WordPress has enabled a new feature that allows Tweets to be embedded in blogs like this one.

My first embedded Tweet follows –

Cool feature!

If you are a WordPress blogger and don’t know how to get the specific url of a Tweet, simply go to the update on and click on the time stamp to be taken to the Tweet’s web address.


Advertisement Traffic Increases 131%

April 15, 2009

comScore has released its traffic figures for March 2009.

Twitter Traffic March 2009

Twitter Traffic March 2009 experienced a dramatic 131% increase in visitors to 9.3 million over February 2009  – an increase of over 5 million visitors.

The question now is how long can sustain its present level of visitor growth?

March 2009 Twitter Unique Visitors

April 8, 2009

Via Silicon Alley Insider’s Chart of the Day:

Twitter Unique Visitors

Twitter Unique Visitors

According to Compete’s figures, Twitter’s traffic nearly doubled from February 2009 to March 2009 from 8 million to 14 million unique visitors.

In a previous post, I had predicted Twitter’s traffic according to comScore would double from February 2009 to March 2009.

comScore’s March 2009 traffic figures for Twitter are due out later this week. Twitter Follower Brokerage Agency

April 1, 2009

Coming soon – the first Twitter follower brokerage agency.

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March 2009 Twitter Traffic Prediction

March 31, 2009

In the not too distant future, comScore will release its traffic stats for a variety of different web categories and properties for March 2009.

One web property’s traffic many observers will be following closely is

According to comScore during the month of February 2009, had 9.8 million unique visitors while Facebook had 275.6 million unique visitors and Myspace had 123.5 million unique visitors worldwide.

Based on my research, I am going to predict will have twice its February 2009 traffic in March 2009 – 19.6 million unique visitors. Real Time Question and Answer Q&A Engine

March 30, 2009

Thinking out loud…

Innovation by definition isn’t incremental so why write about incremental improvements?

I am also getting bored with the perpetual stream of incremental improvements that come from every imaginable corner of the world of technology.

So some extemporaneous thinking here: would be the name of the merged services from and

Twitter is an answer engine looking for the right questions.

Google is a question engine that already has the right answers. will answer your questions before you ask them.