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As Twitter Grows; A Lot More Noise Less Signal

April 19, 2009

As the Twitter audience grows, the ability to reach it or be reached by the segment of the Twitter audience interested in the same topics will become more valuable both to Twitter, its audience and its potential advertisers.

For the last sixty days I have been monitoring Tweets within a 100 mile radius of my city to get a better sense of what the average Twitter user Tweets about.

I haven’t spent any of my online time on social networks because the same amount of time invested in programming a Google Adwords campaign can reach an exclusive and active audience who by definition are already interested in my products and services vis-a-vis their search query.

The same can’t be said for social media and networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter users can search for keywords they are interested to identify potential audience segments to reach but this process still doesn’t separate the good Tweets from the bad, the wheat from the chaff, the Twitter signal from the Twitter noise.

A sample Tweet stream from within 100 miles of my city over the last few minutes:

A Lot of Noise, Not Much Signal

A Lot of Noise, Not Much Signal

Extrapolate the same type of Tweets over millions of Twitter users and you can see how identifying the Twitter signal from the Twitter noise will only grow more challenging.

Advertisement Twitter Audience and Twitterer Segmentation

March 27, 2009

Organizing the Twitter audience will prove key for Twitter and its users to monetize their Tweets. segments the Twitter Audience albeit through manual searches. is a pretty cool tool.

Search for Twitter users by the frequency of Tweets containing your market related keywords to identify and follow potential leaders in your industry’s niche.

The following Tweet Trail search produces the top twenty Twitter users whose Tweets contained Adwords.

Top 20 Adwords Tweeters

Top 20 Adwords Tweeters

I am not sure how far back mines Tweet data for keywords.

Recently I have noticed Twitter has begun reducing the amount of search history available for some search terms.

I would guess Tweet Trails keyword histories are also constrained by the same parameters Twitter now imposes on Twitter search.