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Innovative Link Exchange Strategy from TNS Media Intelligence

February 7, 2009

Today I received an interesting email from a link builder asking to exchange links with one of my sites.

Granted, receiving link exchange requests from webmasters is not unusual.

However, this link exchange request was not directly from the site seeking the link but instead from a link building agency working in the site’s behalf.

What caught my attention was the site who was indirectly requesting a link from my site via their agent.

The company requesting a link from site is the highly regarded market intelligence firm TNS Media Intelligence.

From TNS Media Intelligence’s web site:

TNS Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertisers…

Nothing unusual about one website requesting a link from another.

What is unusual is for a firm of TNS Media Intelligence’s caliber to think they can hire a firm to request a link from a site they would like to have a link from but for them to then think they can not offer a link from their site in exchange and not have them called out for trying something like this to begin with.

Ever heard of brand management TNS Media Intelligence?

If this email would have come from any other company, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this post.

By definition my being in the business intelligence requires my public deconstruction of their strategy.

As you can see from the email below, TNS Market Intelligence is the firm who wants a link from my web site and they in turn through their link building agency will then give me a link to some hokey .biz directory their link building agency built for them but not the site.


Where do I sign up again?

Innovative link building strategy but in this case TNS Media Intelligence and their representatives misjudged their audience’s intelligence.


My name is Kimmi Sanders  I’ve just visited your website and I was wondering if you’d be interested in
exchanging links with my  website?. I can offer you a home page link
back from my Business and Marketing Research Guide website  which is
(  with page rank 4

Your link will be placed here: (It`s a Business and Marketing Research guide
website with pr 4)

As mentioned, your link would be placed on the site home page, not on
any “links” pages ,  which means the link is more beneficial to you
with regards to your search engine rankings.

If you are interested please add  the following information to your
website and  kindly let me know when it´s ready and I will do the same
for you in less than 24 hours, otherwise you can delete my link from
your site.

Please link with the following details:

TITLE: TNS Media Intelligence
DESCRIPTION: TNSMI provide leading media monitoring and evaluation

Or you can use the following html code:

<a href=””>TNS Media Intelligence</a> – TNSMI
provide leading media monitoring and evaluation services.

I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your time,

Kimmi Sanders

GoogleTestAd Testing What?

December 3, 2008

I was surprised to learn today searches for googletestad continue to rank high in Wordtracker’s top 200 long-term keyword report.

GoogleTestAd ranks #119 in Wordtracker’s long-term keyword list.

About Wordtracker’s top 200 long-term keyword report:

“Our current database contains 290,313,559 search terms and represents the complete queries from the largest metacrawlers on the web (Metacrawler/Dogpile etc.) for the last 150 days.”

What is the “GoogleTestTad”?

A search in Google for “googletestad” doesn’t produce a explanation page but does produce the following Google Adwords sponsored links result :

GoogleTest Ad

GoogleTest Ad

However, a search for “Google Test Ad” in Google produces a suggested spelling correction from Google – “Did you mean: google text ad.”

Google Test Ad

Google Test Ad

Not to digress – but  I wonder why Google asks the question – “Did you mean:” but doesn’t punctuate their question with a question mark?

Anyway and as far as I can tell – the GoogleTestAd has always had the same ad text:

Headline = Congratulations

Description 1 = This is a family safe ad

Description 2 = All systems are go!

Display URL =

Interestingly, clicking on the ad for googletestad takes me back to Google’s home page.

Google Home Page

Google Home Page

Although Google continues testing and bidding on searches for googletestad, I am not sure whether its score is being kept or who is keeping it.

If the Google Ad for googletestad were like all others wouldn’t it too have a Quality Score?

To place ads in its behalf wouldn’t Google have to have an in-house Adwords team marketing Google’s products?

Otherwise, who is managing and bidding on keywords in their behalf?

If there is an in house advertising team – How many people are in Google’s advertising group?

How many products do they market, how many keywords do they manage and how much do they spend annually promoting Google products?

Wouldn’t Google’s buying their own ads also constitute brand management?

Does Google have a “brand manager”?

If so, who is Google’s brand manager?

Brand Lift through iGoogle Artists Themes

April 30, 2008

Google re-introduce an expanded roster of Artist Themes for iGoogle.

What if you could have your brand’s most loyal customers display your brand image alongside Google’s in your customer’s browser’s homepage?

Can you say Brand Lift?

Innovative earlier adopters like Dolce & Gabbana, Philippe Starck, Diane von Furstenberg (I guess Mr. Diller approves) the Beastie Boys and even Lance Armstrong have already taken the leap.

See for yourself in this YouTube video montage showcasing 68 original iGoogle themes by world-class artists:

Find more Google iGoogle Artist themes at

iGoogle Artist Theme

iGoogle Artist Themes

iGoogle Artists Themes

iGoogle Artist Themes You’re Fired!

September 24, 2006

Donald Trump The Apprentice?

Apparently Mr. Trump has entrusted the marketing of his brand online to one of the apprentices he fired.


Over the last several weeks one of my email accounts has been receiving five times more email spam than usual.

Among them, email from Trump University. Not just one. Six in the last ten days.

In “his” email Mr. Trump states, “Trump University is something I’ve thought about for a long time. I didn’t want to put my name on anything having to do with education unless it was going to be the best. So I’ve put together some of the finest instructors in the world, professors from great universities, the finest business schools and also friends of mine from the world of business that have gone through the hard knocks. Some of them aren’t even educated at all. But they’ve gone through these tremendous hard knocks and they’ve gone out and they’ve succeeded.”

Then there is some CYA boiler plate.

“This is a commercial message from Join Trump U. To stop receiving commercial messages promoting Trump University, please visit You may also send an unsubscribe request with a copy of this original email to: Join Trump U, 5072 North 300 West, Suite 220, Provo, UT 84604.

“We are Fully Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.”

“You are receiving this message because you have opted in to one of more of our partner sites. If you would like to stop receiving our messages and special offers, please click here to remove your name from our mailing list, or you may write to the address below.”

The address where I have been receiving Trump U email is an address I never use.

I have since went an unsubscribed myself to the Trump University list.

Whether removing my name from their database works on not will remain to be seen.

Does Donald Trump have a brand manager? Who is in charge of his brand management?

Even with the Trump University emails being sent at arms length, hasn’t the Donald Trump brand been sullied with the millions of email spams sent out on his behalf?

Or does this marketing strategy produce results?

If it does work, why then don’t I receive spam emails from other “universities” like the University of Phoenix?

Only time will tell whether the email spam tactic for increasing enrollment from the minds at Trump University was born out of marketing education and experience or not.