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Online Display Advertising Expenditures Increase Q1 2009

July 20, 2009

TNS Media Intelligence reports U.S. Advertising expenditures declined 14.2% in the first quarter of 2009.

From the TNS report:

Local media suffered most with aggregate expenditures sinking 25.4 percent in the first quarter of 2009. The rate of decline was similar across Spot TV (-27.5 percent), Local Newspapers (-25.1 percent) and Local Radio (-26.8 percent). Each of these segments was ravaged by deep spending cutbacks in core categories such as automotive, retail and local services.

For national media, combined ad spending fell 8.5 percent versus a year ago. Within this segment, performance was sharply defined along the lines of print versus television versus online.

National Newspapers (-28.5 percent), B-to-B Magazines (-25.5 percent), Consumer Magazines (-19.2 percent) and other print media were clustered on one track and their revenue declines were driven by fewer ad pages.

Network TV (-4.2 percent), Cable TV (-2.7 percent) and Syndication (+0.2 percent) occupied a middle tier and each of these saw business improve slightly at the end of the quarter, paced by Motion Picture and Restaurant category spending.  At an exclusive upper level, Internet display expenditures grew 8.2 percent as telecom, travel and local retail advertisers expanded their online marketing programs.

Q1 2009 Measured Ad Spending

Q1 2009 Measured Ad Spending

In addition to the increase in online display advertising expenditures, Dean DeBiase, CEO, TNS Media has alos identified several other noteworthy advertising industry trends:

“…some sectors and brands are approaching a depressed marketplace as an opportunity to gain share and are increasing spending accordingly.

The advertising industry, too, while struggling, is understanding this is a period for innovation and we are seeing efforts to reboot their approach through the advent of new technologies and tools such as addressable advertising, and the first steps to integrating ad measurement in a synergistic manner across all media platforms.”

Marketers who have been through the peaks and troughs of economic cycles before surely share DeBiase’s perspectve and thus have been busy taking market share through improved advertising measurement technologies and the return on investment these tools can produce.


Innovative Link Exchange Strategy from TNS Media Intelligence

February 7, 2009

Today I received an interesting email from a link builder asking to exchange links with one of my sites.

Granted, receiving link exchange requests from webmasters is not unusual.

However, this link exchange request was not directly from the site seeking the link but instead from a link building agency working in the site’s behalf.

What caught my attention was the site who was indirectly requesting a link from my site via their agent.

The company requesting a link from site is the highly regarded market intelligence firm TNS Media Intelligence.

From TNS Media Intelligence’s web site:

TNS Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertisers…

Nothing unusual about one website requesting a link from another.

What is unusual is for a firm of TNS Media Intelligence’s caliber to think they can hire a firm to request a link from a site they would like to have a link from but for them to then think they can not offer a link from their site in exchange and not have them called out for trying something like this to begin with.

Ever heard of brand management TNS Media Intelligence?

If this email would have come from any other company, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this post.

By definition my being in the business intelligence requires my public deconstruction of their strategy.

As you can see from the email below, TNS Market Intelligence is the firm who wants a link from my web site and they in turn through their link building agency will then give me a link to some hokey .biz directory their link building agency built for them but not the site.


Where do I sign up again?

Innovative link building strategy but in this case TNS Media Intelligence and their representatives misjudged their audience’s intelligence.


My name is Kimmi Sanders  I’ve just visited your website and I was wondering if you’d be interested in
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As mentioned, your link would be placed on the site home page, not on
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If you are interested please add  the following information to your
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Please link with the following details:

TITLE: TNS Media Intelligence
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Or you can use the following html code:

<a href=””>TNS Media Intelligence</a> – TNSMI
provide leading media monitoring and evaluation services.

I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your time,

Kimmi Sanders