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Wall Street Journal Twitter Lists

November 25, 2009

Today I unexpectedly discovered all of the Wall Street Journal’s Twitter lists.

Won’t setting these all up via RSS to be fed into my Google Reader and iGoogle account excite Mr. Murdoch even further?

Scanning all of the Wall Street Journal feeds (and now their listees) in one homogeneous format like an iGoogle page should make identifying the articles I would like to read much easier than trying to visually strip out all of the extraneous information that usually occupies the Wall Street Journal’s homepage.

@WSJ/news Get the latest breaking news headlines from top news organizations on Twitter. Following: 16
Followers: 111
@WSJ/all-things-digital Twitter list with writers from All Things Digital (ATD). Following: 3
Followers: 51
@WSJ/economics A collection of tweeters discussing the latest on the economy and its recovery. Following: 22
Followers: 73
@WSJ/wall-street-journal Get the latest headlines and breaking news alerts from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Following: 60
Followers: 36
@WSJ/wsj-economy The Wall Street Journal’s economics reporting team on Twitter. Following: 9
Followers: 30
@WSJ/wsj-politics The Wall Street Journal’s latest tweets on politics and policy. Following: 6
Followers: 43
@WSJ/politics A collection of VIP tweeters discussing U.S. politics and policy on Twitter. Following: 18
Followers: 19
@WSJ/entertainment Following: 13
Followers: 20
@WSJ/world-news Get the latest headlines on world events from the Wall Street Journal and more. Following: 11
Followers: 16
@WSJ/wsj-staff A comprehensive list of eporters, editors and columnists from the Wall Street Journal. Following: 66
Followers: 155
@WSJ/business Following: 11
Followers: 43
@WSJ/iran-elections Tweeters discussing Iranian elections. Following: 7
Followers: 6
@WSJ/healthcare Tweets on healthcare, including updates from the Wall Street Journal’s health team. Following: 7
Followers: 26
@WSJ/investing Tweets on investing. Woot! Following: 17
Followers: 21
@WSJ/wsj-life-style-staff The Wall Street Journal’s Life & Style reporters, editors and columnists. Following: 8
Followers: 23
@WSJ/autos Following: 8
Followers: 5
@WSJ/sports-news The latest tweets in sports. Football. Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. NASCAR. Soccer. Following: 16
Followers: 8
@WSJ/wsj-news The latest headlines from the Wall Street Journal. Following: 36
Followers: 19
@WSJ/wsj-blogs The latest from the Wall Street Journal’s blog coverage. Following: 22
Followers: 22
@WSJ/future-of-news The Wall Street Journal’s Alan Murray and his list of top tweeters discussing the future of news. Following: 13
Followers: 67

iGoogle Sports Scores Gadget

March 20, 2009

iGoogle users can now add a Sports Score Gadget to their Google home page.

iGoogle Follow NCAA Tournament

iGoogle Follow NCAA Tournament

With the iGoogle Sports Score gadget, internet savvy sports fans can get real time scores and standings by league, conference or tournament as well upcoming match-ups and game times.

Sports Scores Gadget

Sports Scores Gadget

The sports score gadget is seasonal and presently features: the NCAA & the NCAA Tournament, the NBA and the NHL.

Sports Scores Standings

Sports Scores Standings

With the iGoogle Sports Score gadget, Google account holders will be able to view all their favorite teams and scores in one place within their browser.

iGoogle Themes for Causes

December 29, 2008

iGoogle has added a new batch of custom themes for iGoogle user’s called “Themes for Causes”.

There are 25 different iGoogle Themes for Causes available at this time.

iGoogle Themes for Causes

iGoogle Themes for Causes

Some of the more popular iGoogle Themes for Causes are those from the World Wildlife Federation, Alliance for Climate Protection, the Rainforest Action Network and Clean Air-Cool Planet.

Surely there will be more Cause related themes added to the list of  iGoogle theme options as other causes become aware of the branding opportunity iGoogle offers cause related brands to further reach and connect with their respective audiences.

iGoogle RSS Feed Ads

November 28, 2008

Over the last week, I began using the inline view feature in iGoogle to scan RSS articles without having to click through to the source site.

I prefer gathering, viewing and reading web site content through iGoogle over Google Reader because I can see hundreds of articles at a time and decide which ones I want to read.

iGoogle RSS

iGoogle RSS

By clicking the inline viewing feature within the feed box, I can read the entire article within my browser without leaving my aggregated feeds page.

Recently I noticed my Wall Street Journal Media and Marketing feeds have been accompanied by display ads from Google Analytics.

iGoogle RSS Ads

iGoogle RSS Ads

Pushing display ads through iGoogle feeds is innovative.

However after having clicked through to the Wall Street Journal site to see the display ad, I wasn’t able to find it.

Few if any of my other RSS feeds are getting their site’s display ads pushed through my iGoogle feed.

I wonder why?

Why Aren’t Google Blog Search Categories Available via RSS?

November 21, 2008

Google recently made some changes in how it displayed blog search results.

Google Blog Search Beta now offers 12 categories of blog types to choose from.

The blog categories are: Top Stories, Politics, US, World, Business, Technology, Video Games, Science, Entertainment, Movies, Television and Sports.

Google Blog Search Technology

Google Blog Search Technology

By drilling down into blog categories further, searchers can now find specific topic coverage by different blogs from within each category.

A topic and its position within the Google Blog Search page results along with the featured blog source are indiscriminately selected according to Google.

From the Google Blog Search Beta site: “The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.”

As luck would have it, yesterday I noticed a large number of referrals coming from Google Blog Search which prompted my visiting their site.

I was surprised to find this blog – “Search Marketing Communications” listed atop the list of Google Technology Blogs sources.

My blog remained atop their list along with the topic for a short while before then being displaced by an ongoing stream of technology related stories and other blogs.

Google Blog Search Beta

Google Blog Search BetaGoogle Blog Search Coverage

Upon clicking on the “all 37 blogs” link, I then found my blog still displayed in the “More Coverage” list of all the blogs Google had scanned that had recently written about the same subject.

Google Blog Search Beta’s grouping blogs by subject and then offering them via blog search results should give both bloggers and Google greater reach.

Google Blog Search More Coverage

Google Blog Search More Coverage

To extend both bloggers and Google Blog Search reach further why doesn’t Google offer RSS feeds of their Blog Search categories via iGoogle and Google Reader?

Google Blog Search RSS

Google Blog Search RSS

If Google did offer Google Blog Search Beta categories via RSS, I would subscribe to several categories.

Surely others would too.

New iGoogle Feature and Keystroke Conservation

October 22, 2008

The most recent update of iGoogle features a button for each post published through RSS feeds.

I just noticed the (+) button next to the RSS feeds I subscribe to, but hadn’t actually clicked on one until today.

iGoogle Viewer

iGoogle Viewer

Clicking the (+) button pulls some or all of the story into your browser so you don’t have to leave the browser frame to review and read individual posts.

iGoogle Viewer Feature

iGoogle Viewer Feature

If the entire story isn’t displayed and you still want to see more of it, then click through to be taken to the RSS source site.

Otherwise, enjoy consuming the same amount of information while conserving keystrokes at the same time with iGoogle’s new RSS viewer feature.

This new RSS button may have already been in iGoogle for some time.

If it has, then I guess my particular case of iGoogle button blindness has now been cured.

Brand Lift through iGoogle Artists Themes

April 30, 2008

Google re-introduce an expanded roster of Artist Themes for iGoogle.

What if you could have your brand’s most loyal customers display your brand image alongside Google’s in your customer’s browser’s homepage?

Can you say Brand Lift?

Innovative earlier adopters like Dolce & Gabbana, Philippe Starck, Diane von Furstenberg (I guess Mr. Diller approves) the Beastie Boys and even Lance Armstrong have already taken the leap.

See for yourself in this YouTube video montage showcasing 68 original iGoogle themes by world-class artists:

Find more Google iGoogle Artist themes at

iGoogle Artist Theme

iGoogle Artist Themes

iGoogle Artists Themes

iGoogle Artist Themes

Google Earth Day Word Search

April 21, 2008

Search for the Earth Day word that isn’t really one from the following list of 21 iGoogle tab themes.

Google offers custom Google page themes for iGoogle account holders.

After you have established your iGoogle account, you will see your home page tab followed by “Add a tab” and then to the far right “Select theme” and “Add stuff” links.


Click on the “Select theme” link and you will be taken to directory of Google themes for use as images within your iGoogle tabs. You can search for word specific themes or drill down through their list a page at a time.

iGoogle Theme Search

I have searched through the majority of iGoogle page theme options to produce the following selection of 21 Earth Day related images and words for use in your iGoogle tabs.

To keep things interesting, I have slipped in one image and word that under most circumstances wouldn’t qualify as an Earth Day related term.

See if you can figure out which one word and image aren’t even remotely related to Earth Day and submit your answer in the “Leave a reply” section of the post.







City Scape

City Scape

Cutler Maine

Cutler Maine

Digby Sunset

digby sunset

Earth Light

Earth Light

Fenway Panaorama

Fenway Panaorama



Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Kenai Mountains


Live Planet Northern Hemisphere


Morning Moon




Mt. Katahdin


New York City




The Mediterranean


Stephen Colbert | Stephen Colberticon

Stephen Colberticon

Theme 1


Tibet Himalaya Mountain


Personalized Google Political News

January 17, 2008

Google News has added a new gadget to track several forms of 2008 Presidential political media activity.

The gadget grabs political videos, news, maps and blogs of candidates from both parties.

You can pick one or all of the past and present Presidential candidates you want to follow.

The candidates with feeds available are:


Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Christopher Dodd
John Edwards
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Barack Obama
Bill Richardson

Rudolph Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo
Fred Thompson

I set this new Google political news gadget up under its own tab titled “2008 Presidential Race” in iGoogle to reduce its information footprint and reduce the overload that can occur when I try to digest the Google News home page.Google Political News

Elections 2008 from Google