New iGoogle Feature and Keystroke Conservation

The most recent update of iGoogle features a button for each post published through RSS feeds.

I just noticed the (+) button next to the RSS feeds I subscribe to, but hadn’t actually clicked on one until today.

iGoogle Viewer

iGoogle Viewer

Clicking the (+) button pulls some or all of the story into your browser so you don’t have to leave the browser frame to review and read individual posts.

iGoogle Viewer Feature

iGoogle Viewer Feature

If the entire story isn’t displayed and you still want to see more of it, then click through to be taken to the RSS source site.

Otherwise, enjoy consuming the same amount of information while conserving keystrokes at the same time with iGoogle’s new RSS viewer feature.

This new RSS button may have already been in iGoogle for some time.

If it has, then I guess my particular case of iGoogle button blindness has now been cured.


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