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Google Adwords Service Ads with Icons

September 28, 2009

Today I noticed for the first time on Google Maps ads with service icons embedded in the sponsored links results.

Google Maps Adwords Services Images

Google Maps Adwords Services Images

It looks like these types of ads fall under the purview of Google Advertising policies for ads with ad extensions.

Searching within Adwords help, I found the following explanation on how to add an icon to a location extension.

Icon Location Extensions in Google Maps

Icon Location Extensions in Google Maps

I then found more information about Google’s requirements for uploading Business Images or Icons:

Google Adwords Business Image or Icon

Google Adwords Business Image or Icon

I have yet to try this out for myself or any of my clients but will give it a try when and where it becomes appropriate.

I wonder what percentage of Google’s 1+ million advertisers will ultimately embrace and adopt business image or icon use within their Google advertising campaigns?


Google Maps Ads Now @ Business Overview Level

March 14, 2009

Several months ago Google began placing sponsored links (ads) on Google Maps for individual business listings.

Google ads can now be found on most every business listing both on the left rail under the business contact details as well as below its location placement on Google Maps.

Google Maps Sponsored Links

Google Maps Sponsored Links

Today after drilling down into a business listing for more information I noticed the right rail of the five sub-categories of Google Maps information – Overview, Details, Reviews, User Content and Web Pages – are now also accompanied by sponsored links.

Ads on Google Maps Overview

Ads on Google Maps Overview

I don’t recall seeing Google ads at these information levels before.

Placing Sponsored Links at the business Overview, Details, Review, User Content and Web Pages has increased the number of ad units Google can distribute on this particular business listing by at least 20.

Provided these pages get increasingly larger levels of visits, this additional level of ad distribution should help both Google and its advertisers alike.

GoogleTestAd Testing What?

December 3, 2008

I was surprised to learn today searches for googletestad continue to rank high in Wordtracker’s top 200 long-term keyword report.

GoogleTestAd ranks #119 in Wordtracker’s long-term keyword list.

About Wordtracker’s top 200 long-term keyword report:

“Our current database contains 290,313,559 search terms and represents the complete queries from the largest metacrawlers on the web (Metacrawler/Dogpile etc.) for the last 150 days.”

What is the “GoogleTestTad”?

A search in Google for “googletestad” doesn’t produce a explanation page but does produce the following Google Adwords sponsored links result :

GoogleTest Ad

GoogleTest Ad

However, a search for “Google Test Ad” in Google produces a suggested spelling correction from Google – “Did you mean: google text ad.”

Google Test Ad

Google Test Ad

Not to digress – but  I wonder why Google asks the question – “Did you mean:” but doesn’t punctuate their question with a question mark?

Anyway and as far as I can tell – the GoogleTestAd has always had the same ad text:

Headline = Congratulations

Description 1 = This is a family safe ad

Description 2 = All systems are go!

Display URL =

Interestingly, clicking on the ad for googletestad takes me back to Google’s home page.

Google Home Page

Google Home Page

Although Google continues testing and bidding on searches for googletestad, I am not sure whether its score is being kept or who is keeping it.

If the Google Ad for googletestad were like all others wouldn’t it too have a Quality Score?

To place ads in its behalf wouldn’t Google have to have an in-house Adwords team marketing Google’s products?

Otherwise, who is managing and bidding on keywords in their behalf?

If there is an in house advertising team – How many people are in Google’s advertising group?

How many products do they market, how many keywords do they manage and how much do they spend annually promoting Google products?

Wouldn’t Google’s buying their own ads also constitute brand management?

Does Google have a “brand manager”?

If so, who is Google’s brand manager?