Google Maps Ads Now @ Business Overview Level

Several months ago Google began placing sponsored links (ads) on Google Maps for individual business listings.

Google ads can now be found on most every business listing both on the left rail under the business contact details as well as below its location placement on Google Maps.

Google Maps Sponsored Links

Google Maps Sponsored Links

Today after drilling down into a business listing for more information I noticed the right rail of the five sub-categories of Google Maps information – Overview, Details, Reviews, User Content and Web Pages – are now also accompanied by sponsored links.

Ads on Google Maps Overview

Ads on Google Maps Overview

I don’t recall seeing Google ads at these information levels before.

Placing Sponsored Links at the business Overview, Details, Review, User Content and Web Pages has increased the number of ad units Google can distribute on this particular business listing by at least 20.

Provided these pages get increasingly larger levels of visits, this additional level of ad distribution should help both Google and its advertisers alike.


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