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Amazon Kindle Distribution for Bloggers

May 21, 2009

I signed up for Amazon Kindle for Blog Publishers yesterday.

Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs

Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs

The entire process took just a few minutes.

Publish Blog To Amazon Kindle

Publish Blog To Amazon Kindle

Several hundred periodicals and a similar number of blogs appear to be available on Kindle.

The Search Marketing Communications blog as it appears on Kindle

Amazon Kindle Blog Publishing

Amazon Kindle Blog Publishing

and the Search Marketing Communications blog as it appears on

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

If you are a blogger, publish your blog on Amazon Kindle.


Bloggers: University of Phoenix Aggregation of Knowledge Initiative

May 11, 2009

Today while conducting research, I came across the following interesting forum post from Jay Dergaon:

I am conducting some research on behalf of the University of Phoenix.  They are looking into specific blogging initiatives and out reach to bloggers, internally and externally.

If you know of any students or faculty from The University of Phoenix that have a blog please let me know.  Also, if you’d be interested in writing or incorporating your blog into their new “aggregation of knowledge” initiative please let me know.

I wonder how many other higher education institutions in the U.S. include blogs or blogging in their curriculum?

Do any Universities in the United States teach blogging?

Can a student get a Bachelor of Science degree in Blogging yet? and Mark Cuban Insider Trading

November 17, 2008

With today’s news about Mark Cuban being charged by the SEC with Insider Trading, I thought I would see just how relevant ( not ) search results were for Mark Cuban search queries: Mark Cuban Mark Cuban doesn’t integrate news or blogs into their search results like Google does and thus a search for Mark Cuban does not produce any algorithmic links to sites with news about the SEC or their Insider Trading charges.

Mark Cuban Google

Mark Cuban Google

However, an enterprising news aggregator and advertiser – “” – is bidding on searches for Mark Cuban in both and

I am sure, and even are experiencing spikes in their visitor traffic today as a result of Mark Cuban’s having been charged by the SEC for Insider Trading. Search Results

September 29, 2008

A search today for “Bailout Bill Text” produces a list of WordPress blogs which have purportedly written about the US government bailout of the mortgage industry.



Instead, the top four search results WordPress provides searchers who have clicked through to its site are from the same splog.

Splogs About

Splogs About

Clicking through to any of the results produces stolen content the splog has scraped into their post combined with an embedded and totally unrelated video.



I realize it may be difficult for WordPress to stop the proliferation of splogs and their ilk.

However, can’t WordPress at least identify and then filter Splogs from displaying their scraped content within their own search results?

Not doing so does both its publishers and the search audience a disservice.

Here is a copy of the Bailout Bill Text.

Why Aren’t WordPress Possibly Related Posts NoFollow?

May 15, 2008

I recently noticed hosted blogs started displaying three to four links to “possibly related posts” WordPress has deemed related to their hosted page’s content.

Usually the first link is pointed to somewhere else within the same blog while the balance of the links are then distributed to other blogs which more often than not appear to be other WordPress blogs.

I have been watching my referrals and haven’t noticed hardly any new traffic coming in from other WordPress blogs but I have noticed my search related referrals have dropped by nearly a factor of 10.

My drop in search traffic appears to coincide with the launch of the WordPress “possibly related posts” automatic link generator.

cohn wordpress traffic

If I were to to guess why my search traffic dried up I would guess it is because my blog posts that had enjoyed near constant search positions have been devalued vis-a-vis the links WordPress has now inserted in all of my pages.

WordPress blog comments automatically receive the “No follow” link attribute so as to not unnecessarily pass site value to spammers so why does WordPress think they can rob all of their bloggers of the value each one has built in their blog by redistributing their sites search value to other blogs – especially other WordPress blogs?

Regardless of whether my search engine traffic dropped because of the addition of the “Possibly Related Posts” links now being generated by WordPress, should add the “No Follow” attribute to their “Possibly Related Posts” link scheme to preserve the continued good will of the bloggers who’s content produces WordPress traffic.