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Post Number One Thousand…

December 1, 2010

As of today, I have posted to this blog 821 days in a row – every day since September 1st of 2008.

Today is my 1000th post since launching this blog on September 4, 2006.

First Blog Post 09-04-2006

First Blog Post 09-04-2006

If you don’t blog or haven’t blogged consistently, I highly recommend it.

“Stick to it steadily and you will see great effect.” Benjamin Franklin

I have put Mr. Franklin’s assertion to the test and I can confirm doing as he suggests will produce the results promised.


Becoming A Local Expert

December 5, 2009

Alex Perriello CEO of Realogy Franchise Group shares insights into what he has found works for small business owners who are looking to have new customers seek them out along with their products and services instead of the other way around.

Perriello has found small business owners who consistently blog generate a higher level of rapport with interested prospects which in turn can lead to increased customer counts and satisfaction.


Because regularly publishing your business thoughts to a blog  both prequalifies and pre-sells your target audience (readers).

Ironically, Perriello’s message may still not be heard by the millions of small business owners who most would likely benefit from hearing his advice – those small business owners who still don’t blog let alone market online.

Bloggers: University of Phoenix Aggregation of Knowledge Initiative

May 11, 2009

Today while conducting research, I came across the following interesting forum post from Jay Dergaon:

I am conducting some research on behalf of the University of Phoenix.  They are looking into specific blogging initiatives and out reach to bloggers, internally and externally.

If you know of any students or faculty from The University of Phoenix that have a blog please let me know.  Also, if you’d be interested in writing or incorporating your blog into their new “aggregation of knowledge” initiative please let me know.

I wonder how many other higher education institutions in the U.S. include blogs or blogging in their curriculum?

Do any Universities in the United States teach blogging?

Can a student get a Bachelor of Science degree in Blogging yet? Tool for Visualizing Blog Themes

August 13, 2008

A rudimentary content analysis tool for blogs and other sites: Wordle

Too bad isn’t at I would guess will soon be enjoying an increase in their type in traffic.

I don’t know what to make of Wordle’s take on this site All of the lines run vertical. So far I haven’t seen another image rendered all of it lines vertical.



Every other site produces both vertical and horizontal word patterns like those found in the All Things Digital screen shot below.

All Things Digital

All Things Digital

I wonder if any sites will render all horizontal text patterns?