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Possibly Related Posts on Blog Maverick

April 11, 2009

Today while viewing a post about Twitter on Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick site, I was surprised to see such a high profile blog with WordPress’ “Possibly Related Posts” still enabled.

Blog Maverick Possibly Related Posts
Blog Maverick Possibly Related Posts

If you know Mark Cuban or any of his IT staff, you might suggest they disable the “Possibly Related Posts” feature on his WordPress blog.

As a rule, Possibly Related Posts aren’t enabled and published by working bloggers let alone A List bloggers like Mark Cuban. and Mark Cuban Insider Trading

November 17, 2008

With today’s news about Mark Cuban being charged by the SEC with Insider Trading, I thought I would see just how relevant ( not ) search results were for Mark Cuban search queries: Mark Cuban Mark Cuban doesn’t integrate news or blogs into their search results like Google does and thus a search for Mark Cuban does not produce any algorithmic links to sites with news about the SEC or their Insider Trading charges.

Mark Cuban Google

Mark Cuban Google

However, an enterprising news aggregator and advertiser – “” – is bidding on searches for Mark Cuban in both and

I am sure, and even are experiencing spikes in their visitor traffic today as a result of Mark Cuban’s having been charged by the SEC for Insider Trading.