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Possibly Related Posts on Blog Maverick

April 11, 2009

Today while viewing a post about Twitter on Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick site, I was surprised to see such a high profile blog with WordPress’ “Possibly Related Posts” still enabled.

Blog Maverick Possibly Related Posts
Blog Maverick Possibly Related Posts

If you know Mark Cuban or any of his IT staff, you might suggest they disable the “Possibly Related Posts” feature on his WordPress blog.

As a rule, Possibly Related Posts aren’t enabled and published by working bloggers let alone A List bloggers like Mark Cuban.


Why Aren’t WordPress Possibly Related Posts NoFollow?

May 15, 2008

I recently noticed hosted blogs started displaying three to four links to “possibly related posts” WordPress has deemed related to their hosted page’s content.

Usually the first link is pointed to somewhere else within the same blog while the balance of the links are then distributed to other blogs which more often than not appear to be other WordPress blogs.

I have been watching my referrals and haven’t noticed hardly any new traffic coming in from other WordPress blogs but I have noticed my search related referrals have dropped by nearly a factor of 10.

My drop in search traffic appears to coincide with the launch of the WordPress “possibly related posts” automatic link generator.

cohn wordpress traffic

If I were to to guess why my search traffic dried up I would guess it is because my blog posts that had enjoyed near constant search positions have been devalued vis-a-vis the links WordPress has now inserted in all of my pages.

WordPress blog comments automatically receive the “No follow” link attribute so as to not unnecessarily pass site value to spammers so why does WordPress think they can rob all of their bloggers of the value each one has built in their blog by redistributing their sites search value to other blogs – especially other WordPress blogs?

Regardless of whether my search engine traffic dropped because of the addition of the “Possibly Related Posts” links now being generated by WordPress, should add the “No Follow” attribute to their “Possibly Related Posts” link scheme to preserve the continued good will of the bloggers who’s content produces WordPress traffic.

Possibly Related Posts?

April 29, 2008

Today some of my blogs started receiving traffic from other blogs I wasn’t yet familiar with.

After investigating the referral strings, I noticed WordPress has begun placing a set of four links at the bottom of their hosted blogs.

I have tried for nearly 20 minutes to upload screen capture of the links being displayed but seem to be having problems loading any images.

Wisely, WordPress has made their first link to a post already within the author’s site. The other links point to other WordPress blogs.

Cross pollination of blogs should increase WordPress traffic significantly.