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DoubleClick Ad Planner Top 1000 Sites

May 26, 2010

Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner now publicly publishes their list of the Top 1000 sites on the web.

DoubleClick Ad Planner Top 1000 Sites

DoubleClick Ad Planner Top 1000 Sites

According to DoubleClick’s Ad Planner, Facebook is the most visited site on the web receiving 540 million visitors and a whopping 570,000,000,000 page views.

Doubleclick’s Top 1000 site’s list excludes adult sites, ad networks, domains that don’t have publicly visible content or don’t load properly, and certain Google sites.

Visit the DoubleClick Ad Planner Top 1000 sites list at:


Digital Marketing Thought Leader Interviews @ DoubleClick

May 26, 2009

DoubleClick has launched a new video interview series called Three Questions for Innnovators.

DoubleClick’s video interviews cover the marketing and advertising industry’s most pressing themes and issues, including current trends and influencers, ad exchanges, social media, emerging media and the future.

Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

To date, DoubleClick has interviewed twelve digital media thought leaders and innovators.

Transcripts of the interviews are also available.

To be expected, there are some simple yet profound insights in the interviews like the observation below from Esther Dyson:

“How can I get better viral marketing for my product? Have a better product!”

Google’s Largest Agency Client and Customer?

April 30, 2009

The final issue of Portfolio magazine has an interview with Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP Group.

As head of the marketing communications giant, Sorrell oversees more than 100 companies specializing in everything from advertising to consumer research.

Recently Sorrell had characterized his firm’s relationship with Google as that of “frenemies.”

In the Portfolio interview, Sorrell reclassifies WPP’s relationship with Google as “friendly frenemy” because Google competes with WPP through its acquisition of Doubleclick.

Sorrell then goes on to say what I believe hadn’t yet otherwise been made public before … “we buy about $850 million worth of search advertising from them. We’re their biggest agency customer.”

At an average CPC of $1.00, WPP’s $850 million spend on search advertising with Google would generate 850 million clicks.


Although I am not absolutely certain Sir Martin – and unless eBay has doubled or tripled its Adwords spend recently – I think buying $850 million worth of search advertising from Google not only makes WPP Google’s largest agency client – its also makes WPP Google’s largest customer – period.