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Purple Adwords

August 2, 2010

After considerable testing, Google has changed the background color of it Adwords advertising product to purple.

Purple Adwords

Purple Adwords

As luck would have it, my upcoming book For Sale by Google uses the color purple to illustrate Google’s Adwords product.


I don’t think so.

Example of a WAP Mobile Ad In Google Adwords

July 1, 2010

Curious about how to create a Google Adwords WAP Mobile Ad or what a Google WAP Mobile ad looks like?

The following ad creation template shows what fields are available as well as what a finished WAP Mobile Ad will look like on small mobile devices.

Mobile Ads WAP Google

Mobile Ads WAP Google

If you thought composing Google Adwords text ads for the search or display network was tough, wait until you take a crack at writing an ad for a WAP mobile device.

Writing a WAP mobile ad requires twice the creativity.


The headline, description, display url and business name fields maximum characters allowed for getting your message across on WAP Mobile devices are roughly half those available for use in creating traditional Google Adwords ads.

Seller Rating Extensions In Google Adwords

June 28, 2010

From the Inside Adwords blog:

Over the last year, we’ve introduced a number of new advertising features to help merchants provide potential customers with the most relevant information when they’re searching on For example, last year we introduced product extensions, which allows you to include the pictures and prices of the products you sell, right below your ads.

Starting today we’re introducing a new feature, called seller rating extensions, that makes it easier for people to identify highly-rated merchants when they’re searching on Seller rating extensions does this by attaching your merchant star rating from Google Product Search to your AdWords ads. These star ratings, aggregated from review sites all around the web, allow people to find merchants that are highly recommended by online shoppers like them.

If your online store is rated in Google Product Search, you have 4 or more stars, and you have at least 30 reviews, you’ll automatically get seller ratings with your ads. What’s more, you’ll only be charged if someone clicks on the headline of your ad – clicks on the review link are free.

At this time, seller rating extensions will show to English-language users searching on Please note that because we’ll be rolling out seller rating extensions over the next 24 hours, you may not see it immediately, even if your ads meet the qualifications above.

Adwords Exam Materials

June 12, 2010

The Adwords Certification program exam materials have increased in size to incorporate changes to the Adwords program since both the Adwords launch and the advent of the Adwords Certification program.

The Adwords Certification program study materials now cover the following fifteen sections.

Adwords Exam Materials 1-7

Adwords Exam Materials 1-7

Adwords Exam Materials 8-14

Adwords Exam Materials 8-14

Adwords Exam Materials 15

Adwords Exam Materials 15

Display Advertising on the Google Content Network and YouTube are two new areas of study devoted to Google’s display advertising products within each of their respective distribution channels.

Google plans to offer an advanced Google Adwords exam on Google Display Advertising at some point in the future.

My Client Center Alerts Issues

May 20, 2010

I received an alert in my Google Adwords Client Center notifying me that a client’s credit card had expired and thus had been declined.

While the card has already been charged once this month and hasn’t been declined elsewhere, I also wondered how a credit card could have expired on the 19th day of the month.

My Client Center Alerts

My Client Center Alerts

I logged into the client’s account to see what announcements if any were pending.

No mention of an expired card just the same three previous messages.



I then looked at my Account Snapshot where I found one “non-critical” alert.

Account Snapshot

Account Snapshot

Which in turn confirmed the initial My Client Center Alert.

All Online Campaigns

All Online Campaigns

So what’s my beef with the My Client Center Alerts?

The initial alert says “your ads aren’t running because your primary credit card has expired and your payment was declined.”

However, after inspecting both the Billing Summary and the Billing Preferences sections of my client’s account not only was the account still generating click costs daily but the primary credit card showed an expiration date of 05-13.

Neither status thus confirms the alert’s message – “your ads aren’t running because your primary credit card expired and your payment was declined…”

While I am uncertain as to how this My Client Center alert came about, I am highly certain my having to investigate whether the alert was authentic or not wasted my time instead of saving it.

Google Adwords Certification Program Learning Center Upgraded

May 11, 2010

With the launch of their new Certification Program, Google has also improved their Adwords Certification Program Learning Center.

There are now four exams offered within the Adwords Certification program instead of one.

The new Google Adwords exams are:

To become Individually Qualified in Google Adwords, exam takers must pass both the Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam.

There are fifteen sections of Adwords curriculum within the Adwords Certification Program Learning Center.

However, not all sections or lessons within the new AdWords Certification Program curriculum are featured on every exam. Several of the topics will appear on multiple exams, with basic questions appearing on the Fundamentals exam and more challenging questions appearing on the three Advanced Exams.

The following are the fifteen lesson sections:

1. Introduction to Google AdWords

2. AdWords Account and Campaign Basics

3. AdWords Ad Formats

4. AdWords Targeting and Placements

5. AdWords Bidding and Budgeting

6. Policies and Ad Policy Topics

7. AdWords Billing and Payments

8. Display Advertising on the Google Content Network

9. Display Advertising on YouTube

10. AdWords Tools

11. Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking

12. Google Analytics

13. Optimizing Performance

14. Managing Multiple Accounts

15. Selling and Representing AdWords

I am reviewing these materials now to prepare to take the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam and one of their advanced level exams to renew my Individually Qualified Adwords Professional status for the third time.

Google Analytics Reports: Adwords Post Click Traffic Metrics

May 4, 2010

Learn more about Google AdWords traffic by seeing the actual search query, match type, distribution network, along with many other AdWords attributes.

This video provides a 3-minute tutorial on how to use the day parts, placements, and other AdWords reports in Google Analytics.

Adwords Search Funnels: Evaluating Your Assist Keywords

May 2, 2010

Use the Assisted Conversions report in Google AdWords Search Funnels to identify and evaluate the impact certain keywords, such as generic (non-branded) keywords, have on conversions.

Indeed, the keyword universe consists of either generic or branded keywords.

Whether generic keywords assist in brand related keyword conversions speaks volumes about the strength of a particular brand.

New Ad Formats In Google Adwords

April 24, 2010

To provide a better search ads experience, Google has been developing and testing a variety of new ad formats.

Learn more about the new ad models and ad extensions Google has developed in this video.

Measuring Google Adwords Success

April 23, 2010

Measure the success of your Google AdWords ads and use this information to improve your AdWords account performance.