My Client Center Alerts Issues

I received an alert in my Google Adwords Client Center notifying me that a client’s credit card had expired and thus had been declined.

While the card has already been charged once this month and hasn’t been declined elsewhere, I also wondered how a credit card could have expired on the 19th day of the month.

My Client Center Alerts

My Client Center Alerts

I logged into the client’s account to see what announcements if any were pending.

No mention of an expired card just the same three previous messages.



I then looked at my Account Snapshot where I found one “non-critical” alert.

Account Snapshot

Account Snapshot

Which in turn confirmed the initial My Client Center Alert.

All Online Campaigns

All Online Campaigns

So what’s my beef with the My Client Center Alerts?

The initial alert says “your ads aren’t running because your primary credit card has expired and your payment was declined.”

However, after inspecting both the Billing Summary and the Billing Preferences sections of my client’s account not only was the account still generating click costs daily but the primary credit card showed an expiration date of 05-13.

Neither status thus confirms the alert’s message – “your ads aren’t running because your primary credit card expired and your payment was declined…”

While I am uncertain as to how this My Client Center alert came about, I am highly certain my having to investigate whether the alert was authentic or not wasted my time instead of saving it.


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