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Google Ad Agency Solutions

January 13, 2010

The Google for Advertisers recently update website illustrates how Google’s advertising tools work together to support the entire value chain of marketing, from insights to creative to media to measurement and optimization.

Google calls these areas of focus the “marketing cycle” in the hope it communicates to advertisers and agencies how everything Google is working on fits with everything its advertisers are working on.

Google For Advertisers

Google For Advertisers

Visit the Google for Advertisers website to learn more.


The Marketing Cycle According to Google

June 7, 2009

From marketing strategy and creative execution to analytics and website optimization, Google advertising tools work together to build a truly effective, unified marketing campaign.

Google Marketing Cycle

Google Marketing Cycle

Google divides the marketing cycle into four parts for potential advertisers:

1. Defining your strategy

Your first job is to define your objectives, audience and message. We can help with insights into what users are searching for, what sites they visit and what they do on your sites.

2. Creating your ads

Check out our gallery of creative tools that can help you design smart, useful, innovative interactions: both paid ads with formats optimized for the environment in which they appear and free communication tools that reach users in delightful new ways.

3. Planning and buying your media

We’ve worked to innovate in every stage of media planning and buying – hyper-targeting within a specific media channel, buying that media, making sure your messages actually run, then constantly iterating to improve their performance – with specific tools tailored to each medium.

4. Optimizing your campaigns

Who saw your ads? Did they actually buy something? What did they do on your site? The breadth and depth of data-driven insights offered by our audience and advertising measurement tools enable you to perpetually tweak your marketing communications for maximum ROI.

Google’s new and more broadly defined Marketing Cycle clearly encompasses both media and advertising beyond their initial search advertising product – Google Adwords.

Whether advertisers will embrace or profit from Google’s broader approach to media and advertising remains to be seen.