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Install Google Chrome Message Now Appearing On Macs

December 9, 2009

A faster way to browse the web?

Today when logged into my Google accounts whether in Safari or Firefox, I had the following message waiting for me.

Install Google Chrome  Safari

Install Google Chrome Safari

I haven’t yet downloaded Google Chrome for my Macs but plan to give it a try.

Install Google Chrome Firefox

Install Google Chrome Firefox

I will be surprised if Google’s Chrome is more reliable than Safari or faster than Firefox.


Google Quick Search Box for the Mac: qsb-mac

January 13, 2009

Has the lowly desktop become the final frontier for potential text ad display?

Google has launched an open source search box for the Mac that allows Mac users to search data on their computer and across the web.

From Google: “This app is very experimental, but through it you will be able to see many of the areas we are exploring: contextual search, actions, and extensibility. It is by no means feature-complete, but is a very good indication of things to come.”

Google Quick Search Box Features:

Google Quick Search Box for the Mac

Google Quick Search Box for the Mac

The Quick Search Box features states – “It works as a location bar AND a search box”….

I am not sure whether this means geographic and physical location or the location within the Mac?

Which is it?

Download the Google Quick Search Box for the Mac from Google Code.

Google Chrome Browser and Comic Book Marketing Communications

September 1, 2008

The Official Google blog has announced they will be launching the beta version of Google’s new Chrome browser tomorrow in more than 100 countries.

Sorry Mac and Linux users – no Google Chrome browser yet developed for your operating systems.

What I find most interesting about this product launch is Google’s use of a comic book to market and communicate their new browsers story and value proposition.

Google Chrome Browser Comic Book

Google Chrome Browser Comic Book

Additionally, they have posted their comic book “tutorial” in Google Book Search which will surely drive more traffic and create more awareness of one of Google’s less visited search properties.

Could comic books become the new preferred marketing communications media for making a case for switching from one technology provider to another?

At a minimum, using a comic book to market a new browser is novel…