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Argh! MacBook Pro Hard Disk Drive Failure

February 10, 2009

A post about a hard drive failure on this blog is off topic but then again without the portability and performance of Mac laptops, I would not have been able to write or publish my thoughts here as consistently as I have been able to.

If the next several posts tend to ramble or run far afield from search marketing, its because I am having to work on one of my older and slower laptops.

I have already had to replace a warped battery on my June 2007 MacBook Pro.

Now it looks like I am going to get to replace the hard disk drive too.

I bought my MacBook Pro before the Mac Time Machine back up product was invented.

I wish I had a real Time Machine now so I could go back before my drive failed and back up the last several months of data which I failed to do.

However, if I had a Time Machine – Mac or otherwise – I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to write this specific blog post!


Over the course of several months during 2008, I reorganized all of all my back up media chronologically and alphabetically so I could layer new data on top going forward without having to think about where to put or file it.

As a result, I have all of my files organized and backed up in a manner so I can find and access work I have produced on any one of my six Apple computers since I first bought my first Apple IIci in 1989.

Of course and I am sure is often the case sans Time Machine, I haven’t been backing up my new data since Christmas due to time constraints.

Of course, all of the projects I have been working on recently are the most important.

The local Apple store has my MacBook Pro now.

I am supposed to get my machine back within three to five days.

If I were to take a crack at predicting the future, I would guess the first application I will be buying for my newly repaired MacBook Pro will be a copy of Mac Time Machine.

This whole ordeal has wore me out and messed with my rhythm.


Google Quick Search Box for the Mac: qsb-mac

January 13, 2009

Has the lowly desktop become the final frontier for potential text ad display?

Google has launched an open source search box for the Mac that allows Mac users to search data on their computer and across the web.

From Google: “This app is very experimental, but through it you will be able to see many of the areas we are exploring: contextual search, actions, and extensibility. It is by no means feature-complete, but is a very good indication of things to come.”

Google Quick Search Box Features:

Google Quick Search Box for the Mac

Google Quick Search Box for the Mac

The Quick Search Box features states – “It works as a location bar AND a search box”….

I am not sure whether this means geographic and physical location or the location within the Mac?

Which is it?

Download the Google Quick Search Box for the Mac from Google Code.