Argh! MacBook Pro Hard Disk Drive Failure

A post about a hard drive failure on this blog is off topic but then again without the portability and performance of Mac laptops, I would not have been able to write or publish my thoughts here as consistently as I have been able to.

If the next several posts tend to ramble or run far afield from search marketing, its because I am having to work on one of my older and slower laptops.

I have already had to replace a warped battery on my June 2007 MacBook Pro.

Now it looks like I am going to get to replace the hard disk drive too.

I bought my MacBook Pro before the Mac Time Machine back up product was invented.

I wish I had a real Time Machine now so I could go back before my drive failed and back up the last several months of data which I failed to do.

However, if I had a Time Machine – Mac or otherwise – I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to write this specific blog post!


Over the course of several months during 2008, I reorganized all of all my back up media chronologically and alphabetically so I could layer new data on top going forward without having to think about where to put or file it.

As a result, I have all of my files organized and backed up in a manner so I can find and access work I have produced on any one of my six Apple computers since I first bought my first Apple IIci in 1989.

Of course and I am sure is often the case sans Time Machine, I haven’t been backing up my new data since Christmas due to time constraints.

Of course, all of the projects I have been working on recently are the most important.

The local Apple store has my MacBook Pro now.

I am supposed to get my machine back within three to five days.

If I were to take a crack at predicting the future, I would guess the first application I will be buying for my newly repaired MacBook Pro will be a copy of Mac Time Machine.

This whole ordeal has wore me out and messed with my rhythm.


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