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June 1, 2010

My PayPal account displayed the following ad for upon log out.

PayPal Bill Me Later

PayPal Bill Me Later

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While I haven’t yet used, I’m sure their service will help buyers buy more stuff at a price  plus interest.

Google Checkout eBay’s Paypal Adwords

June 14, 2007

After reading coverage today in both the San Francisco Chronicle and the LA Times about how PayPal pulled their ads from Google, I ran a couple of searches in Google and found the following search results ironic.

eBay doesn’t appear to be running ads any longer for eBay brand terms or the millions of other search terms they normally advertised under. However, their PayPal unit either directly or indirectly through affiliates is still advertising on searches for Google Checkout.

PayPal Adwords

Paypal Payments ‘Til Forbid

September 7, 2006

I signed up for a course a few months ago and then soon forgot about my subscription. I went to the site a number of times and got what I needed. Several months have now passed and there isn’t much new at the site except the promise of more to come.

Tonight I spent twenty minutes at the publisher’s site and another twenty minutes on the Paypal site looking for the “cancel my subscription” button or the “stop taking my money” switch. I couldn’t find either.

Looks like this particular Paypal merchant and internet publisher has harnessed the power of the ’til forbid recurring revenue model.