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Not As Hot: Google Hot Trends Down From 100 To 40 Results

November 9, 2009

On September 28, 2009, Google reduced the number of Hot Trends results from 100 to 40.

Google Trends 40 Results

Google Trends 40 Results

I hadn’t drilled down into a Google Hot Trends results page since they made the change.

After having been able to see 100 results before, seeing just 40 results feels like I have been cheated out of data.

With the change, Google has also removed results #41 through #100 from all previously available Google Hot Trends archives.

Hot Trends 2008

Hot Trends 2008

I guess the audience’s attention to and preoccupation with real time data has also shrunk their attention span.


New Year’s Resolutions

December 28, 2008

Its quickly becoming that time of year again – the time when people begin to reflect on their past year’s accomplishments while looking forward to and setting goals they want to achieve in the new year.

Google Trends Insight for Search illustrates just how predictable and recurring searches for “New Year’s Resolutions” are year after year.

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Not surprisingly, searchers don’t appear to have any interest in New Year’s Resolutions at any other time of the year other than around the end and beginning of each year.

Based on the Google’s Search Volume Index, searchers from the state of Utah appear to have the highest degree of interest in New Year’s Resolutions followed by searchers from Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Minnesota and Missouri.

State Search Interest New Year's Resolutions

State Search Interest New Year's Resolutions

Conversely, relatively few if any searchers from Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have expressed any interest in, ie. searched for the term – “New Year’s Resolutions”.

What if any conclusions can be drawn from regional search interest or a lack thereof  in any one particular word or phrase like “New Years Resolutions”?

Google Hot Trends Gadget Error

August 28, 2008

Google Hot Trends offers a “Top 10 Trends” gadget that I display in my iGoogle account.

Google Hot Trends Gadget

Google Hot Trends Gadget

The Hot Trends gadget appears to be on the blink and has been for the last several hours.

Google Labs can you get this fixed?

Googe Trends Gadget Error

Googe Trends Gadget Error

Taylor Bradford On Fire?

October 1, 2007

Google Hot Trends USA is an excellent tool for monitoring daily news stories but labeling searches Volcanic, On Fire, Spicy, Medium and Mild might need to be rethought.

Searches for Taylor Bradford today are labeled “On Fire”.

This is troubling because Taylor Bradford, a student athlete at the University of Memphis, was shot to death to Sunday in his car on campus.

I am sure the smart folks over at Google can come up with a more sensitive way of categorizing and describing news related searches for the recently departed.

This is the second death in the last week to reach “On Fire” status in Google Trends.

Taylor Bradford

Google Hot Trends

May 22, 2007

When I began writing about XM Radio advertising yesterday, I had no idea I would stumble onto a new method for reaching and tapping a search audience in near real time.

My blog post made it onto the Google Hot Trends page right below their graph.

I don’t yet know how to mark up my screen shots…

Google Hot Trends