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Mark Burnett: The Art Of Successful Storytelling

November 15, 2010

In this video, Brian Solis asks Mark Burnett the producer of “Survivor” and “The Apprentice” to share his strategies for creating content that engages an audience.

Burnett tells quite a story.

As does Solis  –

“These moments become social objects where they become the catalyst or the sparks for conversation that spill on to the social web that bring people… to a common experience that can be shared.”

If you listen closely, you’ll find Burnett and Solis reveal both sides of the story – the art of successful storytelling.


Word Of Mouth Marketing

April 25, 2010

What factors determine whether or not a favorable message is:

Question #1). Carried?

Question #2). Heard?

Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth

Answer #1): Schemas

Answer #2): I know the answer, but I am not telling here..