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Online Video Ads Vs. TV Ads

April 21, 2010

From Nielsen:

With most U.S. homes connected to broadband, the viewing of online video has never been easier.  Whether watching a short clip on YouTube or an entire TV program, almost three-quarters (72%) of Internet users view videos online — amounting to 144 million people.  To marketers, this presents a huge – and largely untapped – audience to reach.  And while online advertising fell overall in 2009, ad spend on online videos grew 41%.

In a recent presentation at the Advertising Research Foundation’s annual RE: Think conference, Dave Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Product Leadership at Nielsen IAG, and Beth Uyenco, Director of Global Research at Microsoft, discussed the ins and outs of online advertising and how to effectively reach video viewers.  Evaluating 238 brands encompassing 412 products in 951 ad executions in streaming full-episode TV programs, Nielsen IAG used the key brand impact metrics of ad recall, brand recall, message recall and likeability to determine the effectiveness of ads.  More than 14,000 surveys were conducted.

The patterns they uncovered were consistent:  video ads run during online full-episode TV programs yield deeper brand impact than corresponding on-air TV ads, with the difference most pronounced among younger viewers age 13-34.

Online Ads Vs. TV Ads

Online Ads Vs. TV Ads

What accounts for this variation in impact between online video and traditional TV? Data shows that web video viewers are more engaged and attentive to the programs they are watching, which is likely a function of the viewing environment and the oft-required active mouse-clicking to initiate nd continue content. Online video is also still a relative novelty compared to traditional forms of media.  Further, and most significantly, reduced ad clutter and the inability to easily skip ads are considerable recall-enhancing factors.

While creating a unique ad specifically for use in online video may be desirable, advertisers might want to consider that TV ads repurposed for online full episodes actually generated the top results. It may be that the TV executions possess higher production values, or that online full episode viewers still prefer the absorptive and passive nature of traditional-style TV spots.

“Advertisers might be able to save money by utilizing those ads already in the hopper. Even when controlling for exposure, we see that repurposed TV spots resonate quite well in the streaming full-episode environment,” said Kaplan.

Is it not obvious to brand advertisers that redistribution of high quality television advertising online and the effects of congruent messaging across all channels compounds overall message effectiveness?

I guess not.


Top 15 US Ad Networks By Reach

January 14, 2010

comScore has released its December 2009 rankings of the Top Ad Networks by reach of US internet users.

AOL continued to reach the largest percentage of internet users reaching 186 million people or 91% of the total internet audience followed by Yahoo! Network (180.9 million) and Google Ad Network (178.1 million).

Top 15 Ad Networks By Reach

Top 15 Ad Networks By Reach

Although reach has been equated with advertising value to brand advertisers, advertising reach clearly doesn’t translate into earnings power or stock market value for either AOL or Yahoo.

Combined the two companies ad network’s reach victories produce stock market valuations of $2.71 and $23.99 Billion respectively.

Combined AOL and Yahoo’s market values are 14% of Google’s $187 Billion market capitalization.

Buying reach online may be valuable to brand advertisers, but it apparently isn’t as valuable as buying search is to all the small to medium size non-brand businesses who advertise on Google.

Reaching Brand Advertising Impression Goals?

September 5, 2009

Watching a college football game for the first time in what seemed like years, I noticed an innovative brand advertising placement from Allstate Insurance.

Brand Advertising Impression Goals

Brand Advertising Impression Goals

Apparently field goal net advertising has been in use for several years but tonight was the first time I noticed a brand’s ad there.

With the price for the consumers attention at an all time high, will we soon see more innovative brand message placements in traditional media like those now appearing in college football field goal nets?

When will the NFL start leasing their field goal net “real estate” to brand advertisers like Allstate?

Surely NFL field goal advertising is imminent.

What other traditional media consumer attention zones could become potential brand advertising hot spots?