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The Future of Commerce: Shop Anywhere, Anytime for Anything

June 5, 2010

Adam Shlachter, Director of Digital Investment, MEC summarizes the future of commerce as succinctly as anyone I have yet heard describe it: Shop anywhere, anytime for anything.

This of course is being preceded by everyone being able to connect with anyone, anytime anywhere.

The Personalized Google Home Page

June 4, 2010

Google is offering its users the ability to upload their photos to personalize their experience with Google’s homepage.

For my first personalized Google home page, I have uploaded a picture I took from a helicopter over Lake Tenkiller.

Personalized Google Home Page

Personalized Google Home Page

Combined with the ability to personalize my iGoogle themes, I can now customize my entire browser experience.

eCommerce Overview In Google Analytics

June 3, 2010

I love Google Analytics because I can get reports like this one in a matter of seconds.

eCommerce Overview

eCommerce Overview

That which gets measured gets managed.

Social Networking Fastest Growing Mobile Content Category

June 2, 2010

From comScore:

More Americans Still Use their Browser versus Applications

Nearly 73 million mobile users accessed their browser in April, an increase of 31 percent from the previous year. Mirroring application category growth, Social Networking ranked as the fastest-growing category accessed via browser, growing 90 percent from the previous year to reach almost 30 million users, followed by Bank Accounts (69 percent to 13.2 million users). Online Retail sites also experienced a significant increase in audience usage via browser, increasing 47 percent to 7.3 million users, as Americans continued to show adoption of the mobile retail channel.

Donovan continued, “Social networking is by far the fastest-growing mobile activity right now. With 20 percent of mobile users now accessing social networking sites via their phone, we expect to see both application and browser usage continuing to drive future consumption of social media.”

Fastest Growing Content Categories

Fastest Growing Content Categories

Imagine that – phones owners using their phones to socialize. Buy More Now

June 1, 2010

My PayPal account displayed the following ad for upon log out.

PayPal Bill Me Later

PayPal Bill Me Later

More about

While I haven’t yet used, I’m sure their service will help buyers buy more stuff at a price  plus interest.

A Penny Auction Website?

May 31, 2010

I saw a television ad for the penny auction website

My question is: Do penny auction website’s deliver on their promise?

Is so, how can any business profit from this type of business model?

Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader

May 30, 2010

A $103 value?

Wall Street Mobile Reader

Wall Street Mobile Reader

Custom Alert Tips in Google Analytics

May 29, 2010

Learn tips for using custom alerts in Google Analytics.

Will You Give Us An Interview?

May 28, 2010

I received a request to give the following web site an “interview”.

How to be “interviewed” by

* Simply begin by responding to the questions, and the interview will have started.
* Choose only the questions which you find applicable to you.
* Everything that you respond gets automatically added to your interview page.
* Don’t worry about mistakes, you can always re-edit the whole interview

Will You Give Us An Interview

Will You Give Us An Interview?

The website’s process for eliciting content via questions is quite simple and brilliant.

How could this same question and answer process be used to generate user provided content and populate other web sites?

Microsoft Advertising Change In Terms and Conditions

May 27, 2010

In advance of the upcoming Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance, Microsoft has changed its terms and conditions.

Microsoft Advertising Change In Terms and Conditions

Microsoft Advertising Change In Terms and Conditions