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XM Radio Really Out of This World

May 21, 2007

Recently I have heard promotional spots on XM Radio describing their services as originating from satellites located 22 million miles away in space.


XM Radio has done what no other broadcaster has yet done. They have placed their satellites beyond the Moon and just shy of the planet Venus!

Not only has XM Radio introduced North America to the subscription radio market, they also have gained first mover advantage in the race to sign up radio subscribers on the moon and Venus!

Didn’t the XM Radio marketing team intend to say the XM Radio broadcast signal originated from satellites located in a Geostationary Orbit 22,000 miles from earth along with the rest of the telecommunications industry’s satellites?

Or did they embellish the facts to try to impress their audience?

I don’t know.

In either case, I now question the authenticity of their marketing communications whereas before I heard their satellite claims – I did not.