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Bill Gates Still Using Instead of

January 31, 2010

Bill Gates recently launched a Twitter account and began tweeting his thoughts to the masses.

Like the majority of Twitter account holders, Gates uses the URL shortener to Tweet web pages addresses too long for inclusion along with his Tweets.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Mr. Gates apparently still isn’t aware of his old company Microsoft’s recently launched URL shortener –

You’d think if we was aware of it, he would be using it to bring to the attention of his Twitter followers.


New URL Lengthening Service: Binged.It

January 15, 2010

Microsoft is trying to psyche out the shortened url market by launching its innovative new “longer url” url lengthening service for its relaunched search engine Bing called



Typing into a browser however takes visitors to – one of the top url shorteners on the web.

With Google having recently launched its own url shortener, it was inevitable Microsoft would launch its own shortener.

Its also natural a url shortener market leader like would be driven into the arms of its new enemy’s (Google) enemy – Microsoft.