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Google Searchology: New Search Options

May 12, 2009

Google hosted their second Searchology event today to update its users, partners, and customers on the progress Google has made in search.

Google also uses the event to announce new search features.

Today Google announced a new set of features called Search Options, which are a collection of tools that let searchers slice and dice results and generate different views to find information faster and easier.

Two powerful new Google search options are the Wonder Wheel and Timeline.

Wonder Wheel shows searchers other related terms most often used when searchers are searching for a particular topic while Timeline illustrates the search volume for a particular term within a specific time period.

Twitter Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel: Twitter

Above, The Google Wonder Wheel shows terms related to searches for Twitter.

Below, the Google search options timeline shows how Twitter has become an increasingly more searched for term on Google over time.

Google Timeline: Twitter

Google Timeline: Twitter