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Newspaper Circulation Data in the Top 200 US Markets on Google Maps

July 16, 2009

Mediaspace Solutions has created a useful Google Maps mashup combining circulation and traffic data for newspapers in the top 200 US markets.

Top 200 DMAs

Top 200 DMAs

The Mediaspace Google Maps mashups provides each newspaper’s category, DMA, Circulation, Sunday Circulation, Days Published, Website address, Sites unique visitors, Daily visitors and Page views.

Newspaper Circulation by DMA

Newspaper Circulation by DMA

The Mediaspace Solutions top 200 DMA tool is great for researching and visualizing the top 200 US newspaper markets.


eBay Being Distintermediated by Google?

August 21, 2008

“eBay will be permanently marginalized by Google.” – Inspired by Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch

via FastCompany:

“Although eBay is making changes to its fee structure – emphasizing fixed prices over the auction model it’s known for following, Schonfeld writes, “the Web has moved on and eBay is stuck in still waters.” Page views are down 15% year-over-year, while the stock is down 26%.

eBay’s main challenge, he says, “is that it is becoming easier and easier to find things to buy on the Web simply by searching for what you want on Google. During the early days of the Web, people needed a few big e-commerce sites they could trust and that could organize everything that was for sale online. That need was filled by Amazon and eBay. But now people are comfortable trawling the Net for the best bargains, and eBay is no longer the first place they go.”

Just as the tens of thousands of middle men and their companies like travel agents were disintermediated  by Web 1.0, eBay who became the middle man for millions of buyers and sellers now faces being disrupted itself by the web’s largest middle man: Google.

Why go to eBay and pay their toll when you can go direct to any seller via a Google search – toll free?