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Technical Issues With The Google Certification Program

November 9, 2010

The Google Advertising Program’s transition to the Google Certification Program  has not been made without technical difficulties.

I received the following email from the GCP team today.


As you may know the Google Advertising Professionals Program ended on October
31st, and was replaced with the new Google Certification Program, which introduces a broader curriculum and tougher exams that demonstrate expertise in search, display and reporting & analysis.

Unfortunately we experienced some technical issues on migrating over to the new program. During this migration some of our previously qualified ‘Google Advertising Professionals’ partners may have received an email in error stating they have just become a ‘Certified Google Advertising Professional’.

This was a legacy issue with our system and as the ‘Google Advertising Professionals’ program no longer exists, this is unfortunately not the case.

To become certified under the new program, and take advantage of a more in-depth knowledge of AdWords, partners will need to become certified under the new program criteria as your Google Advertising Professionals status will no longer count as an official certification with Google.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to partnering with you in the future.

The Google Certification Team

1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Email preferences: You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your AdWords product or account.

I for one am glad to have received this email.

As I wrote here previously, its unclear to me what term if any the Qualified Individual designation will be replaced with let alone whether it still exists.

Presently in my Google Pro Center, my Google Certification Program designation is referenced in three ways –

1. “Google AdWords Qualified Individual”

2. “Individually Qualified”

3. “AdWords Individual Qualification”

Google AdWords Qualiified Individual

Google AdWords Qualiified Individual

It would be helpful for those of us in the program if the Google Certified Partners team would publish a centrally located overview of the program’s qualifications and terminology.

Ideally the Google Certified Partners team would also create a “Google Certified Partners Community” tab on their home page to establish a dialogue between both AdWords Partners and those Googlers charged with overseeing them.

Google Certification Program Community

Google Certification Program Community



Google AdWords Professionals Program Officially Retired

November 1, 2010

As promised as of October 31, 2010, Google has officially retired the Google Advertising Professionals program.Google Advertising Professionals Program Retired


Google Advertising Professionals Program Retired

While I am not sure what the previous “Qualified Individual” designation will be replaced by, the previous company level certification – the “Qualified Company’ has been replaced with the Google AdWords Certified Partner status.

Google AdWords Certified Partner

Google AdWords Certified Partner

Google Advertising Professionals who had not yet renewed their qualifications under the new Google Certification program’s terms and guidelines may find their old Google Adwords Partner status has taken early retirement.

The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

September 24, 2010

As I have written here before, Google has expanded testing requirements for passing and obtaining its new Google AdWords Certified Partner Designation.

Google now offers four exams –

1. Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

2. Search Advertising Advanced Exam

3. Display Advertising Advanced Exam

4. Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam.

Would be partners must pass both the Advertising Fundamentals Exam and one of the other exams to receive the Google AdWords Certified Partner badge.

The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam tests AdWords managers in eight of the fifteen total subject areas provided.

The eight subjects covered in the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam are:

1. Introduction to AdWords
1.1 Overview of AdWords
1.2 Getting Started with AdWords

2. AdWords Account and Campaign Basics
2.1 Account Management Basics
2.2 Campaign Management Basics
2.3 Ad Group Management Basics

3. AdWords Ad Formats
3.1 Overview of Ad Formats
3.2 Ad Formats Guidelines & Best Practices

4. AdWords Targeting and Placements
4.1 Overview of Targeting and Placements
4.2 Keywords and Keyword Targeting
4.3 AdWords Language & Location Targeting
4.4 Placement Targeting for the Display Network

5. AdWords Bidding and Budgeting
5.1 Overview of Bidding
5.2 Overview of Budgets

6. Policies and Ad Quality Topics
6.1 AdWords Policies
6.2 Ad and Site Quality

13. Optimizing Performance
13.1 Overview of Optimization
13.2 Optimizing AdWords Campaigns and Ad Groups
13.3 Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages

15. Selling and Representing AdWords
15.1 The AdWords Value Proposition
15.2. Selling the Benefits of AdWords
15.3 Maintaining Client Relationships

Note: Sections, 4.5 Location Extensions, 6.3 Invalid Clicks Issues, 13.4 About Google Website Optimizer. 13.5 Using Google Website Optimizer and 13.6 Optimizing for Greater Conversions are not included in the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam.

In total, the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam is composed of 8 topics and 21 subtopics.