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WordPress: When Will My WordPress Blogs Have Tweetmeme Built In?

October 24, 2009

Recently WordPress added a “Publicize” button to their blogs so publishers could Tweet their posts directly to their Twitter accounts.

Isn’t it now time for WordPress to add a “Socialize” button to their bloggers dashboards?

Self hosted WordPress publishers can add plugins like those from Tweetmeme to let their visitors Tweet blog links to the Twitter audience.

Tweetmeme WordPress Plugin

Tweetmeme WordPress Plugin

However, WordPress hosted blogs lack any type of plugin tools for bloggers who want to enable their visitors to share their discoveries via Tweets beyond the WordPress walls.

Adding a Tweetmeme feature to WordPress bloggers dashboards and in turn their blogs would surely have a network doubling effect on the audience.

Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress Plugin


Tweetmeme: Twittersphere Buzzmeter

May 5, 2009

Curious which Tweets the Twitter audience has re-tweeted the most?

Tweetmeme aims to track and provide the most popular links generated on Twitter every five minutes.



Tweetmeme  lets visitors parse Tweets into lists of the “Most Recent”, “Top in 24 Hours” or “Top in 7 Days”.

Tweetmeme provides insight into both the popularity and reach of  Tweets within the Twitter audience.